SparkCognition, an artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced it has acquired Ensemble Energy. Through this acquisition, SparkCognition is offering what it calls the “world’s first AI-enabled asset management platform” for clean energy, supporting the industry in its transition towards renewables by reducing costs and increasing energy production.

SparkCognition has long focused on improving sustainability for the energy sector by using AI technology to improve operational and productional efficiency, along with reducing downtime and unexpected failures. Ensemble Energy combines deep renewable energy domain expertise with the latest in cloud computing and data analytics. By leveraging Ensemble Energy’s technology and domain expertise in conjunction with SparkCognition’s AI platform, SparkCognition now offers a solution to help energy companies reduce environmental impact.

“SparkCognition was founded with the vision of building scalable AI solutions to solve the problems that matter most, and in our estimation, there is no bigger problem than building a more sustainable future,” said Amir Husain, founder and CEO of SparkCognition. “Major energy companies have already been making great strides to adopt more renewable practices and technologies — and through the acquisition of Ensemble Energy, we look forward to continuing collaboration with energy organizations to help them reduce environmental impact, ultimately creating a better, smarter, and more sustainable world.”

SparkCognition’s acquisition of Ensemble Energy will accelerate the adoption of AI within the energy industry by offering differentiated domain expertise and an asset management platform utilizing both data- and physics-based proprietary algorithms. As optimization of operations and maintenance costs becomes an increasingly important component of maximizing project bankability, SparkCognition’s renewable energy asset management solutions will help producers increase revenue and minimize avoidable cost. This solution can be used by operators of all sizes and at all stages of digital transformation. The company will initially focus on serving wind and solar energy producers and rapidly expand into energy storage, hydro and green hydrogen.

“Our mission at Ensemble Energy has always been to accelerate the clean energy revolution and we recognized this as a shared mission with SparkCognition,” said Dr. Sandeep Gupta, CEO of Ensemble Energy. “We’re excited to join the SparkCognition team, where we can continue to build upon our existing platform and SparkCognition’s unmatched AI technology – offering the energy industry valuable AI solutions and ultimately accelerating the adoption of renewable energy.”

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