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The building management requirements of occupants and operators are constantly changing. To meet these growing demands, SAUTER is continuously developing its software solutions.

Sound decisions for plant efficiency with SAUTER Vision Center 7.1

The ” Status Information ” module and a tachometer widget are new in SAUTER Vision Center 7.1.

Holistic building management systems must have three essential characteristics to ensure resource-optimised operation. They should be continuously adjusted to new requirements, be customisable, and have a simple, clear design. For this reason, SAUTER is expanding the Analytics and Energy Management module in SAUTER Vision Center.

New dashboard widgets and charts for energy management
In addition to lines, step lines, bar charts and pie charts, the new SVC version allows additional energy-specific diagrams such as scatter and carpet plots to be displayed directly in the dashboard. A new feature is the comparison chart, which shows not only current values but also time-shifted values (e.g. comparison to the previous week, month, quarter or year) in the same chart.

A new widget is also available for the dashboard – the speedometer. This widget can be used to display multiple values at the same time in colour-coded form in a 100% area to be defined in the dashboard.

These optimisations and extensions build on the innovations of SVC 7:

  • Analytics and Energy Management (AEM): This tool provides visual representations such as carpet and scatter plots, but also statistical evaluation options with histogram charts and the optional calculation of the Gaussian distribution.
  • Object Information Board (OIB): All information about the object is visible at a glance.

New module: Status Information
With the new “Status Information” module, deviations from the automatic operation are clearly listed. Thus, states such as manual operation, “Out of Service” or “Overridden” are easily recognised and clearly displayed. In this way, plant operators can immediately find out which plant switches (objects) have been switched from automatic to manual operation. This means that no settings are forgotten after service calls that require manual operation. These lists are individually configurable and can thus be adjusted to any customer requirements.

SAUTER Vision Center 7.1 supports secure communication and process connection with BACnet/SC.
SVC 7.1 offers the option of establishing a secure connection to a BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) hub. This allows remote sites to be configured via BACnet/SC with an encrypted connection and a corresponding certificate. Distributed sites can thus be connected directly and securely to the cloud using BACnet/SC.

BACnet/SC extends existing BACnet specification and uses the TLS protocol to authenticate devices in your building automation network and encrypt their communication.

Other important security functions
New criteria have been implemented in the SAUTER Vision Center manager and installation process for IT security and database integration in order to meet more stringent requirements:

  • Mandatory change of password at first login
  • Choice of password criteria for SVC Services and SQL database during installation according to IT security guidelines.
  • Encryption of passwords throughout the system
  • Definition of a commissioning period
  • Splitting of SQL database paths for the database and log files (BSI as well as Microsoft recommendations)

API interface for data exchange with AI systems
The API interface can be used for secure data exchange with AI systems in the cloud.

This way, operation optimisation is based on self-learning algorithms for high control accuracy with reduced energy costs and an optimised carbon footprint. The SAUTER autopilot for buildings becomes reality.

SVC version 7.1 is available now.


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