The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) recently concluded in Glasgow, putting climate change and the challenges of the clean energy transition at the top of people’s minds. At the same time, as reported by CNN, a severe worldwide energy shortage caused by skyrocketing fossil fuel costs raises questions of how to maintain sufficient levels of light and heat during the coming winter months. Solar energy will be essential to solving these challenges, requiring high-quality products from experienced brands like Guangzhou WHC Solar Technology Co., Ltd (“WHC Solar”).

Solar energy is an essential source of renewable energy. An early 2021 report by London-based think tank, Carbon Tracker Initiative, noted that “The land required for solar panels alone to provide all global energy is 450,000 square kilometers [or] 0.3% of the global land area.” As awareness of solar energy grows, both enterprises and individuals are looking for accessible products to plug the energy gap and increase their sustainability. The market size of the solar power industry in the US alone has grown 21.8% per year on average between 2016 and 2021, according to IBISWorld.

WHC Solar started to offer affordable, high-quality solar energy solutions in 2009, with products since being distributed to 36 countries, based on its forward-looking market insights. The company’s key products include solar batteries, solar inverters, solar lights, and mobile solar panels. WHC Solar boasts an experienced technical team who are skilled in professional installation, as well as automatic production equipment. It also owns nine product design patents and regional market protection. Its signature power station is both durable and portable, adopting a lithium iron phosphate battery that can meet energy demands in a wide range of indoor, outdoor, and emergency settings thanks to its life cycle of 2000 times at least. The large capacity can power multiple devices, including air condition, fridge, water pump, microwave, TV, mobile phones, laptops, fans, mini-coolers, LED lights, cameras, etc. The battery has AC and USB charging outputs, wheels, and a retractable handle for easy transportation.

WHC Solar, along with its lithium iron phosphate batteries and other industry-leading solar products, participated in’s recently-launched Elite Partner Event. Each month, the Elite Partner Event celebrates approximately 10 global suppliers with a minimum of five years of experience for their technical excellence and brand capabilities, including reliable production lines, fast shipping, high inquiry response rates, and outstanding customer feedback.

In recent years, WHC Solar has contributed significantly to the development of the energy sector in many African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, and Guinea, solving light and electricity problems while also reducing costs. WHC Solar took part in a large-scale government project installing street lights in Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania, bringing light to the lives of countless families.’s logistics certainty helps WHC Solar to create a bridge between China and Africa. Trackable orders and flexible delivery solutions give customers peace of mind that their purchases — which often play a crucial role in improving quality of life — will get where they need to go securely and on time. is the go-to platform for brands to go digital and go global, helping partners like WHC solar make their solutions accessible to customers around the world. Its extensive network in 190 countries and regions and commitment to social responsibility and sustainability have supported WHC Solar’s vision of delivering renewable energy to more countries every year.

WHC Solar is dedicated to supporting environmentally-friendly development and creating a renewable-focused energy industry. WHC Solar’s name stands for “wonderful, hope, challenge,” representing the company’s hope of a cleaner, greener future and outstanding ability to withstand the complex challenges facing us all.

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