Solar Alliance Energy has signed a contract for a 115-kW solar project for Todd County Pallets in Kentucky. It’s the first project signed since Solar Alliance and Boyd CAT entered into a Joint Development Agreement and will provide low cost, renewable energy for Todd County Pallets.

“Todd County Pallets is pleased to be making the transition to solar energy to offset a portion of our energy demand,” said Danny Beachy of Todd County Pallets. “The team of Boyd CAT and Solar Alliance provides a low cost, turnkey solar solution that will help reduce our operating costs and increase our profits.”

In support of Solar Alliance’s expanding presence in Kentucky, the company has signed a lease for an office in Louisville, Kentucky. Opening an office in Louisville will provide an ideal location to collaborate closely with Boyd CAT and will also increase efficiency as the two companies continue to grow quickly in Kentucky.

“Solar energy is a long-term strategic focus of Boyd CAT,” said Clint Hutchcraft, VP of power systems at Boyd CAT. “Our goal is to meet our customers’ renewable energy needs with an affordable, trusted solar solution. This project for Todd County Pallets is the first of many solar systems we hope to build with the Solar Alliance team.”

News item from Solar Alliance Energy

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