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Innovations from Bosch Smart Home at CES 2021.

Smart life, smart options
  • The highlights at a glance:
  • Keeping an even closer eye on room climate: New “Healthy Room Climate” service with personal ventilation reminder
  • Smart home meets smart car: Control your Bosch Smart Home by voice within your Mercedes-Benz
  • Bosch Smart Home is becoming even more international: Sales are planned in a total of fifteen European countries

Intelligently networked devices are now enriching many people’s homes and everyday lives. To coincide with CES 2021, Bosch is offering a preview of the technological options that the new year holds in store to provide users with greater safety, comfort and everyday convenience. And all this will soon be available in eleven additional European countries.

Healthy air is safer: Bosch presents a new ventilation reminder service
The year of 2021 begins with a topic that is important for all of us. In view of the on-going pandemic, a healthy climate inside our homes remains a high priority. Bosch Smart Home has always focused on safety and on supporting its users in their daily lives. That’s why the company has now introduced a new “Healthy Room Climate” service for its Bosch Smart Home App. The first feature is the ventilation detector, which makes it even more convenient for users to monitor air quality with the Twinguard.

Receiving the ventilation reminder, users can set up their own ventilation ”traffic light” based on the measured purity of the indoor air. The convenient assistant guides its users through the setup in three simple steps: selecting the room; setting the limits for the three warning levels (red, yellow and green); and specifying the period of use. Alerts can be sent to a smartphone via a push message while being simultaneously displayed as coloured warning lights on the integrated smart lamps from Philips Hue or LEDVANCE Smart+.

” Bosch Smart Home has the goal of making connected life and the daily life of its users as simple and convenient as possible. We always keep our users’ positive experience in mind. These benefits already begin during the setup and are further augmented by the smallest details of everyday use. Requests and feedback from our users serve us as a basis for the continual optimization and further development of our Smart Home products. This impetus has also given rise to the new functionality of the ventilation detector, which is designed to enable all Bosch Smart Home users to set up their own ventilation light via few intuitive setup steps – and thus to enjoy the winter in good health,”
~ says Christian Thess, Board Member Bosch Smart Home, about the new service.

Smart life, smart options

Two partners for a shared vision: smart home meets smart car
Our frequently stressful everyday lives mean that when we are already in our car driving to the office or to our children’s school or day-care centre, our thoughts often still revolve around the home and whether we have left everything there in proper order. Are the lights switched off? Are the windows and doors closed? Is the heating turned down? Fortunately, it is now easy to instantly check all these things. With a simple voice command and a “Hey, Mercedes”, the most important Bosch Smart Home functions are already available aboard the Mercedes-Benz and can be controlled directly within the car. The driver’s hands remain on the steering wheel and the driver’s attention stays on the traffic – for optimal safety on the road.

The integration is made possible by an open interface that Bosch Smart Home began offering early in 2020. The interface enables partners such as Mercedes-Benz to integrate Bosch Smart Home devices into their own solutions via a cloud API. The following Bosch Smart Home products have been controllable from Mercedes S-Class cars since December 2020: Smart Plug, Room Thermostat, Radiator Thermostat, Shutter Control, Door/Window Contact, Light Control and Motion Detector. Successive expansion to include other model series from Mercedes-Benz is planned in the course of the year.

“Our collaboration with Mercedes-Benz as a strong partner not only creates a meaningful link between the topics of home and mobility, but also unites our corporate philosophies of ‘Technology for Life’ and ‘The Best or Nothing’ under a common goal. This brings new ease into the connected lives of our users, from which they will benefit greatly,”
~ Christian Thess comments on the new partnership.

Europe clearly in view: Bosch Smart Home becomes more international
With strong partners on board, Bosch Smart Home is also taking the next step on the sales side in 2021. Now that the company’s intelligently networked products have successfully established themselves on the market in Germany, Austria, France and the United Kingdom, Bosch Smart Home is gradually expanding its portfolio further in Europe. The system and its individual solutions also became available in the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy at the beginning of the year. With a step-by-step expansion plan, market entry is scheduled for Switzerland as the next distribution country, followed by Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Luxembourg in the course of the year.


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