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A switch must always be affordable and easy to install if high port density is required in extended industrial centres. Robust design for the highest possible permissible ambient temperatures during operation is a further factor in favour of enabling rail mounting and the installation of several switches in switch boxes.

Slim industry switch with 8 RJ45 + 2 SFP

Industrial switch IGS-182GP with 8 RJ45 connections and 2 SFP ports

With its compact metal casing (41 x 90 x 127 mm), a total of 10 network interfaces and the extended temperature range of -40 to +75°C, the unmanaged switch IGS-182GP, now available from Acceed, meets exactly these conditions.

The new IGS-182GP is a cheap, compact basic switch which doesn’t act with extravagant functions, but fulfils its function reliably in industrial environments when it is primarily important to connect machines, controllers or components securely, in a service-friendly manner and uncomplicatedly. Additionally, the unmanaged switch has two SFP ports (100/1000Base-X) for long distance connection and eight RJ45 connections (Auto MDI-X) for classic Ethernet wiring.

SFP ports serve the connection of hot plug capable I/O devices, thus providing high flexibility, for example for extending the network. SFP modules can be inserted into the corresponding switch ducts during operation (hot-swappable, hot-pluggable). A range of applications is available for them, with which flexible and cost-efficient solutions, for example for enterprise networks, data centres or industrial image processing can be established. Even if SFP is not an industrial standard, SFP modules from various manufacturers are normally compatible with each other and can be used with the switch.

The implemented switching process “Store and forward” ensures that data packages received are initially saved in a buffer. Each data package is checked and processed in this buffer before being forwarded to its target address. The advantage is that possibly faulty data packages are sorted out in advance.

The wide permissible operating temperature range from -40 to +75 °C also supports high operational safety. The robust IGS-182GP housing is designed for both top-hat rails and for wall assembly. The power supply range is 12 to 48 V DC with a maximum power consumption of 5 W.

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