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Siemens Smart Infrastructure presents the new Siprotec 5 Compact device, specially designed to address the demands of industrial applications, infrastructure and distribution grids.

Siemens Siprotec 5 Compact offers power system protection for minimal spaces

The Siemens protection relay family with Siprotec 5, Siprotec 5 Compact and Reyrolle 5.

  • Reliable protection with minimal space requirements
  • For power distribution and industrial plants

With its compact size, large number of inputs and outputs, and universal range of functions, it can be configured to meet the specific requirements associated with protecting feeders and motors. As a space-saving universal device, it is ideally suited to help optimize investment and operating costs in power distribution.

Siprotec 5 Compact is part of the proven Siprotec 5 family. Its digital twin (Siprotec DigitalTwin) enables virtual testing of devices in the cloud within minutes – without hardware and additional effort. In addition, all device data can be collected, analyzed and visualized in the cloud using the Siprotec Dashboard IoT application. Compliance with all current cybersecurity standards is guaranteed.

Siemens Siprotec 5 Compact offers power system protection for minimal spaces
With its compact size, high number of inputs and outputs and universal range of functions, Siprotec 5 Compact can be configured to meet individual requirements for the protection of feeders and motors.

“The new Siprotec 5 Compact protection device is a universal device that can be configured flexible, quickly and easily depending on the application. It builds on our established platform and completes the Siprotec family for use in power distribution, infrastructures and industrial plants,” said Robert Klaffus, CEO of Digital Grid at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

Today’s protection devices record a large variety of measurements and grid state variables. This data is used to protect and automate power systems and helps enhance supply security as well as support implementing the energy transition. More than two million Siprotec devices from Siemens are installed worldwide.

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