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Siemens Smart Infrastructure has enhanced its Intelligent Valve with new glycol capability. As a result, the valve can now be used in hydronic circuits with ethylene glycol-based antifreeze.

Siemens equips its Intelligent Valve with glycol capability and change-over function
  • Intelligent Valve from Siemens now also operates with a glycol content in the hydronic circuit
  • Integrated change-over function saves engineering time and investment costs at the automation level

The glycol option substantially increases the range of use cases for the Intelligent Valve: It extends the application range to hydronic circuits that are exposed to ambient temperatures below 0°C during standstill. Example applications include coils in air handling units (AHUs) or recoolers of chiller plants. With the new capability, the required burst protection can be provided without sacrificing the well-known benefits of Intelligent Valve such as energy transparency, pressure-independent flow control or optimized Delta T (ΔT).

Thanks to the newly integrated dynamic control change-over function, a heat exchanger can be dispensed within the assembly of AHUs. Intelligent Valve has two different parameter sets: one for heating, and one for cooling. This allows ideal operation in cost-effective and space-saving applications like combined coils in AHUs or combined distributions. With its new control function for changeover applications, the Intelligent Valve automatically detects whether it is in heating or cooling mode and optimizes quantities such as volume flow or ΔT.

This change-over function saves engineering time and investment costs at the automation level. The new function allows ventilation centers to be optimized, AHUs to be downsized, and ultimately space to be saved that can be used for other purposes.

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