Omron’s D6T MEMS thermal sensors detects different temperatures within its field of view (FoV), identifying moving and stationary objects.

TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, announces its presence at Sensor+Test 2022 at Booth 1-232. The event takes place from 10th to 12th May in Nuremberg, Germany.

Visitors to the booth can see a live demonstration from joint exhibitor Omron that illustrates true presence detection with the D6T MEMS thermal sensors. The sensor array detects different temperatures within its field of view (FoV), identifying moving and stationary objects. For example, engineers can implement this sensor in an office setting to adjust lighting, temperature, and other parameters accordingly. Regardless of whether a person is walking around or sitting at a desk, the sensor can detect their presence.

Also on display is Omron’s B5L time-of-flight (ToF) sensor modules offer real-time 3D vision ensuring accurate measurement of near and far objects, regardless of colour, reflectivity, ambient light, or other conditions. For instance, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are increasingly used in logistics and warehousing applications. These AMRs require ToF sensors to provide 3D vision and accurately view the surrounding area to safely and efficiently navigate in these challenging environments.

TTI presents sensor technologies from key suppliers, including Honeywell, Amphenol, TE Connectivity, and Omron. The key trends in sensor technology are digitization, miniaturization, low power, multi-sensory, edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI), harsh environments, and wireless connectivity. At this year’s event, TTI is focussing on four industry sectors.

Transportation & Electrification
The quest for ultra-fast charging and a longer range puts a focus on Level 3 EV chargers and new and innovative battery management systems (BMS). Here, current, temperature, environmental, and pressure sensors are essential.

Smart Buildings
Smart buildings automate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, access control, security, water management, and other systems. Discrete temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, and combined temperature/humidity sensors are regularly used in HVAC systems. They also increasingly use environment sensors for monitoring air quality, particularly for CO₂ levels, particulate count, or concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). PIR, proximity, ToF, touch, vision, and non-contact thermal sensors are typical for lighting, security, and access control.

Medical and Home Healthcare
Sensors for the medical and home healthcare sectors span pressure, airflow, oxygen, force, and temperature for applications ranging from patient monitors and ventilators to laboratory automation systems and equipment.

Industrial IIoT and Robotics
Position, speed, force, temperature, pressure, vision, and vibration sensors play a critical role in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) for predictive maintenance.

Sense, think, do
“Sensors are everywhere – they play a vital role in capturing measurements in the physical environment and translating them into usable data,” says Ros Kruger, Director of Technical Marketing, TTI Europe. “With our extensive sensor line card and technical support team, we can recommend the appropriate sensor technologies to designers, enabling them to create game-changing solutions.”

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