The Senate Finance Committee released its draft version of the Build Back Better Act on Dec. 11 and added domestic manufacturing incentives for inverters and trackers. SEIA has been working to get those technologies included in the bill.

The inverter incentives in this version include:

  • Central inverters (>1 MW capacity): 2.5¢/W
  • Utility inverters (>170 kW, ≤1 MW capacity): 1.5¢/W
  • Commercial inverters (≥20 kW, ≤170 kW capacity): 2¢/W
  • Residential inverters (≤ 20 kW capacity): 6.5¢/W
  • Microinverters (≤ 650 W capacity): 11¢/W

The tracker incentives in this version include:

  • Torque tubes: 87¢/kg
  • Longitudinal purlins: 87¢/kg
  • Structural fasteners: $2.28/kg

Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden (D-OR) said conversations are continuing and the committee is prepared for bipartisan meetings with the Senate parliamentarian this week.

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