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FLEXIDOME IP turret 3000i IR.

SE&N magazine reviewed Bosch IP 3000i

“For such a compact camera this Bosch turret dishes up a very big image with quality that goes all the way to the edge…”
John Adams, Editor of SE&N magazine

SE&N magazine reviewed Bosch IP 3000i

Worth a look
The new FLEXIDOME IP turret 3000i IR is a fixed turret camera. The new form factors are cost-effective and support predictive solutions. Recently, SE&N magazine did a full review on this camera and here is what they had to say about it.

Bosch FLEXIDOME IP turret 3000i IR camera surprised right from the start with its sure-footed performance in more than slightly horrible variable lighting conditions that moved between deep shadow and glaring backlight. Initial settings are close to default for the test – sharpening is elevated, and backlight compensation is on, while intelligent dynamic noise reduction and dynamic sharpness and noise filtering are both activated. With these settings, the camera shows off excellent all-round performance during daylight hours in good light.

“Bosch FLEXIDOME IP turret 3000i IR is a solid camera, well built and with plenty of smart functions, including onboard analytics and clever event reporting.”
John Adams, Editor of SE&N magazine

SE&N magazine reviewed Bosch IP 3000i

Features of the FLEXIDOME IP turret 3000i IR
The FLEXIDOME IP turret 3000i IR has built-in infrared imaging enabling high-quality images even in complete darkness, preferable for outdoor applications when securing areas with low light conditions is especially important, such as building perimeters, dark corners, or loading docks. In SE&N’s review they said:

FLEXIDOME IP turret 3000i IR – the test camera was the NTV-3503-F02L –a compact turret with a modest current draw offering solid all round performance, that’s best in good to low-ish light. The camera has serious resolution and a monster 120-degree angle of view, thanks to the squat 2.3mm focal length of its moderately fast fixed lens.

SE&N magazine reviewed Bosch IP 3000i

This version of the 3000i turret features Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction with separate temporal and spatial adjustments, intelligent defog, video content analysis with rule-based alarms and tracking, line crossing, enter/leave field, follow route, loitering, idle/removed object, people counting, crowd density estimation and 3D tracking. Additional functions include privacy masking via 8 independent areas, fully programmable display stamping of name, logo and time, as well as alarm messages and pixel counter of selectable areas.

The camera’s internal RAM can store up to 5 seconds of pre-alarm recording, while a microSDHC/microSDXC SD card slot supports 1TB cards for more complex automatic network replenishment (ANR) edge recording requirements. The camera has a built-in microphone to allow operators to listen in on the monitored area. Audio detection can be used to generate an alarm if needed.

Adjustable picture settings include contrast, saturation, brightness, white balance (2500 to 10000K), 4 automatic modes (basic, standard, sodium lamp, dominant colour), manual and hold mode, the video functions include ALC, there’s automatic electronic shutter (AES); fixed shutter from (1/30 to 1/15000) selectable and default. You can select day/night auto (adjustable switch points), colour, monochrome, video functions – enhance, there’s selectable sharpness enhancement, backlight compensation and contrast enhancement.


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