The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), a national non-profit trade association of the U.S. solar-energy industry, has unveiled its environmental justice priorities through a new policy platform that will support the organization’s advocacy efforts. The platform outlines principles for engagement, as well as environmental justice outcomes and policies that the organization will support to expand equitable access to solar energy and its benefits.

The document lays out policies that expand access to clean energy and create industry jobs and workforce development training. It includes possible tax, climate, energy access and labor policies that build on SEIA’s ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice throughout the solar value chain.

“Equity and environmental justice are core values for the solar+storage industry,” says Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of SEIA. “If we want to build an equitable clean energy economy, we need to be intentional about our advocacy. Environmental justice leaders have given us a clear roadmap. Now it’s our turn to follow it and advocate for the policies that support frontline communities. SEIA is committed to this work and will continue to be a leading voice for these important issues in the halls of Congress and state capitols across the country.”

The resulting platform, released formally as the Solar Industry Policy Principles on Environmental Justice & Equity, includes input from members, diversity professionals, policy experts and conversations with numerous environmental justice organizations and experts.

SEIA says it is committed to leveraging its resources to support frontline and fenceline communities. This work must be done alongside meaningful engagement with environmental justice organizations and impacted communities. The principles set communication expectations for the organization and its members on DEIJ advocacy and establish the importance of measurability so that the solar+storage industry can better understand the efficacy and reach of these policies.

Over the coming weeks, SEIA will work with its state and federal policy teams, members, and network of state and regional partners to implement both the principles and policy platform.

To learn more about SEIA’s environmental justice efforts, click here.

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