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Get complete protection via the highest data encryption standards with the comprehensive KNX Secure System range from Schneider Electric.

Schneider SpaceLogic KNX Secure System Devices. Total security. In every IP connection

Versatile and compatible with other devices, SpaceLogic KNX routers, interfaces, and couplers are compact, making the installation quick and easy, and giving to specifiers and customers, a much-needed peace of mind.

Smart and secure
Security is a growing concern for all users. To protect them against the increasing risk of a potential security breach, the SpaceLogic KNX IP Secure product range provides system integrators and specifiers with a versatile solution to transform each installation into a more secure home or building.

Raising security standards in every arena
The KNX Secure System range allows separate buildings to communicate securely via KNX IP Secure Systems and routers. In line with the specifications defined and promoted by the KNX Association, KNX uses the highest authentication and encryption standards to increase security.

By connecting a KNX IP Secure router directly to the Ethernet backbone, you deliver the ultimate privacy and high environmental standards users both expect and require.

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