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Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has launched the Innovation Experience: Live Healthcare Lab in its St. Louis Innovation Executive Briefing Center, the company’s first immersive healthcare experience featuring its new intelligent patient room.

Schneider Electric Launches Innovation Experience: Live Healthcare Lab Featuring State-of-the-Art Intelligent Patient Room
  • New virtual experience showcases low-voltage integration of IT and OT systems
  • Healthcare lab features first-of-its-kind digital patient footwall
  • Schneider Electric is already a leader in the healthcare space, with technology in 40 percent of hospitals worldwide, including five of the top ten

This state-of-the-art experience showcases the technology supporting hospitals of the future, which puts the patient in control of their experience with a new digital footwall.

Schneider Electric’s decades of domain expertise in building management, IT, and power distribution have enabled the company to create an easy and seamless integration of the low-voltage equipment in the patient room and beyond into one, cohesive system that aligns patients, clinical, IT and facilities’ needs.

Patient satisfaction relies heavily on technology, with over 75 percent of respondents in a recent Accenture survey stating that technology is important to managing health. Add in the importance of Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey scores, coupled with the ongoing pressure on hospitals to increase patient satisfaction while decreasing costs, and the need for a new technology-enabled patient experience becomes clear.

By integrating connected technology systems, resources on both the IT and OT sides of the equation can be deployed in a smart and efficient manner to increase patient satisfaction by allowing them to take control of their own healthcare experience. By adopting more connected solutions, hospitals can enable clinical staff to focus on delivering better coordinated care, rather than small patient requests that become self-service, with Schneider Electric’s digital patient footwall. Integrated low-voltage systems also give hospital administrators the ability to regulate energy resources throughout the facility, which provides cost-cutting opportunities that won’t affect patient satisfaction, along with increased efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency.

“The hospital of the future will need to put the patient experience at the forefront, using innovative and connected systems to provide superior in-hospital care experiences,” said Mike Sanders, Customer Projects & Services, Healthcare Innovation Executive Briefing Center at Schneider Electric. “With the shift to remote work and business brought forth by the pandemic, we knew that we needed to invest in a new virtual experience that showcases our vision for a truly integrated healthcare experience. We believe our intelligent patient room is the solution that our healthcare partners and customers have been looking for, and we’re excited to offer a way for them to experience it no matter where they are in the world.”

The new patient experience, virtually

The St. Louis Innovation Hub and Innovation Executive Briefing Center (IEBC) has always been on the cutting-edge of providing a customer-centric experience focused on digital transformation in the energy management and automation space. With the new virtual Healthcare Experience, Schneider Electric can showcase their new intelligent patient room to customers and partners anywhere in the world, eliminating the time and costs of flying in key team members to view the experience in person. This first-of-its-kind immersive virtual experience was modeled after the new innovations installed at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia, the first real-world installation of Schneider Electric’s fully integrated intelligent patient room technology. Additionally, the Mission Critical Infrastructure Lab, featuring 10,000 square feet of 3-phase power solutions, demonstrates the power backbone of any mission critical healthcare system.

The virtual demonstration can be customized to specific healthcare environments, including urgent care centers, rural clinics, doctor’s offices, specialists’ offices, telemedicine, and hospital settings. It also connects to other lab spaces in the Schneider Electric network, like those in Andover and Smyrna, which give customers the ability to see the full picture of low-voltage integration from the mechanical room to the patient room, and every system in between.

This live Healthcare Experience takes visitors through a demonstration of the entire facility, including the doctor’s office, a smart patient room, the operating room, and the new innovative patient footwall. It highlights the value of integrated power and BMS systems, along with the benefits of analytics to support maintenance planning.

Powered by EcoStruxure for Healthcare

Already in 40 percent of the world’s hospitals, including five of the top ten, Schneider Electric is a leading expert on the technology needed to operate hospitals effectively. The Healthcare Experience, powered by Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure for Healthcare product line, is the logical next step for this technology which now allows for a complete low-voltage integration across systems. Once integrated, the systems converge in the digital footwall, a screen that creates a single reference point for patients, families and providers by incorporating care information, entertainment and environmental controls in one place. Key information for providers is also fed into a separate digital patient door display, replacing often ineffective and error-prone magnet and sticky note systems that many healthcare facilities employ.

Connectivity is designed into the system from the start, resulting in lower costs, more simplicity, and greater patient satisfaction. It avoids the need to buy, learn, and maintain systems from multiple vendors that don’t talk to one another, which reduces costs by limiting the total number of separate systems that would have separate Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fees. In addition, this system simplifies regulatory compliance and improves financial performance, staff productivity, and safety and security.

EcoStruxure Building is an open, cyber-secure, IoT-connected solution that allows all low-voltage equipment to speak the same digital language. Once connected, the data from these disparate systems can be used to create actionable insights. It also integrates with other low- and medium-voltage systems, regardless of whether they are Schneider Electric products.

The EcoStruxure for Healthcare product line includes a number of different solutions that work together to create the new integrated patient room and that can also incorporate third-party products and systems as needed by customers. The full Schneider Electric system featured in the Healthcare Lab includes:

Experience the future of healthcare

The Healthcare Experience will launch on May 19th at 1pm ET, with monthly live experiences hosted throughout the rest of the year. Customers and partners can request customized experiences via their customer representative, or join us for a one-hour tour of our IE Live Healthcare Experience on the following dates: May 19th; June 15th; July 20th; August 17th; September 21st; October 19th.


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