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Many products, solutions and services offered by SAUTER in the field of building management have already received certifications and awards. Recently, all types of ecos504/505 automation stations from SAUTER have been BTL-recertified.


SAUTER ecos is the centrepiece of integrated room automation. The powerful function modules in ecos504/505 combine the control of room temperature, lighting and sunshading to create a comfortable room climate.

Now, all ecos504 and 505 room automation station types have undergone renewed 2018 BTL certification. This confirms that ecos504/505 comply with the BACnet standard, and also ensures the highest level of interoperability and compatibility with other BACnet devices.

Extended BACnet functionality
The BACnet functionality has been specifically extended to comply with B-LD (BACnet Lighting Device) and B-GW (BACnet Gateway) in addition to the highest BACnet device profile B-BC (BACnet Building Controller).

The certification raises the functionality to the level of SAUTER modulo 6 and includes the following:

  • All ecos504/505 station types (previously only F001, F011)
  • Protocol revision 1.16 (previously 1.14) with functionality as for SAUTER modulo 6 (see media release May 2020)
  • BACnet B-BC profiles and additionally B-LD and B-GW
  • New BIBBs (BACnet Interoperability Building Block):
  • Alarm & Event Management-Configurable Recipient Lists-B (AE-CRL-B)
  • Data Sharing-Lighting Output-B (DS-LO-B)
  • Gateway-Embedded Objects (GW-EO-B)
  • New, standardised error algorithm for signalling malfunctions (e.g. interruption to sensor, short circuit)
BACnet certification
For the building user BACnet is invisible, but for the technology and the devices in the field of building and room automation, there is no way around the BACnet standard. It has become the most important communication protocol in the industry. Simply put, the protocol defines the rules for the data exchange between individual HVAC and building automation devices. The certification programme of the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) issues products with a certificate of conformity (i.e. inclusion in the BTL list). This certificate confirms that the documented functional scope complies with the standard, and it carries the BTL logo.

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