Matter will be rolled out in the coming weeks to make smart home technologies interoperable

Samsung and Google have partnered to create an integrated, interoperable smart home system, called Matter, which is due to be rolled out commercially in the coming weeks.

Over the next few months, customers with Samsung Galaxy devices will be able to onboard Matter-compatible devices to both SmartThings and Google Home.

The announcement comes as industry members attempt to create holistic smart home ecosystems, where multiple devices and all their accompanying apps can be stored and operated from a single platform. To address the challenge of interoperability between these apps, Samsung and Google are creating a multi-admin system where users can find, connect and control Matter-compatible devices. 

“Providing users with greater flexibility through this new multi-admin feature is a natural progression in our evolution as partners,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Samsung Electronics’ corporate vice president. “This collaboration furthers that commitment by enhancing the user experience and promoting transparency between ecosystems.”

“With the launch of Matter, we understand there will be new expectations when it comes to smart home connectivity,” saidMatthew McCullough, Google vice president of product management. “We are proud … to offer new and existing smart home users their first glimpse into what the future of the smart home looks like and the ease of use that comes with it.” 

This is not the first time the companies have collaborated to bring interoperability to digital devices, with the partners announcing their health data platform, Health Connect, in May. The platform acts as a means of syncing user health data between Android devices and apps, allowing users to access and monitor their fitness data across platforms. 

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