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New features further enhance the product’s installation flexibility through field replaceable auxiliary relays and Modbus modules as well as multi-voltage operation.


Carlo Gavazzi Automation, the international electronics group with activities in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic equipment, today presents its new series of soft starters.

Energy efficiency regulations in buildings are driving the need for more intelligent HVAC systems. The integration of such a system within a building management system (BMS) triggers the possibility to get more information down to component level.

As the compressor is typically the largest energy consumer in a heat pump or chiller, measuring the energy in real time gives the possibility to monitor the overall system efficiency. Apart from this, the set of data that the RSBT Modbus can measure also facilitates after sales activities such as quicker fault finding. Moreover we also offer the possibility to modify a limited set of parameters thereby giving our customers further flexibility to customise the product for specific applications.

Field replaceable auxiliary and Modbus modules are now possible to be set up on the same RSBT, which provides much more flexibility. All these features are offered in one of the most compact soft starters on the market.

“Our soft starter configuration software (SCS) allows users to visualise in a more graphical way the variables that are measured by the RSBT. Optional modules are now fully interchangeable and can be bought as separate components for total flexibility when it comes to installation. Either of the modules can be plugged into the front connector of a RSBT to enhance the product’s functionality,” Brian Gauci International Product Specialist says. “It is our intention to strengthen our products range, offering more flexible and advanced products with several intelligent features suitable for smart HVAC systems.”

Developed in our competence centre in Malta, this soft starters series has been designed to provide our customers with a more advanced product offering in the HVAC market segment, primarily for the Heat pumps and commercial refrigeration cabinets applications.

Main technical features

  • Self-learning algorithm: optimises motor starts in every condition without the need of any user settings
  • Energy saving through internal bypass relays
  • Robust design allows up to 12 starts per hour
  • A unique solution providing multiple data so that user may remove additional components from the electrical panel
  • Intuitive user interface for device setup and visualisation of real-time parameters, soft starter status, alarms and parameter modification
  • The auxiliary relay and Modbus module can be used interchangeably on the same device providing higher flexibility
  • QR Code for a troubleshooting guide

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