RPCS has partnered with Energix for the installation of Array Technologies trackers at Energix solar projects in Virginia: Hollyfield II (17 MW), Mt. Jackson (22 MW), Buckingham II (28 MW) and Leatherwood (25 MW). The two companies intend to collaborate on two additional projects, totaling approximately 50 MW.

Renewable energy project developer and owner Energix US is the subsidiary of an Israeli publicly traded company Energix – Renewable Energies Ltd.

RPCS will be installing Array’s DuraTrack HZ v3 single-axis solar tracker for Energix’s announced projects.

“We are so thrilled to work with Energix on their Virginia portfolio and to support their growth in the U.S.,” says Alex Smith, Chief Sales Officer of RPCS. “Itamar and his team are exceptional partners and we share their focus on delivering the highest quality projects. We’re looking forward to Energix’s continued success and are honored to have the opportunity to be their partner.”

“We are proud to partner with RPCS in the goal of delivering more clean energy to the Commonwealth of Virginia and see this partnership as another milestone in our commitment to the US market,” says Itamar Sarussi, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Energix. “Energix procures the vast majority of our equipment and construction work here in the U.S., in keeping with our goal to create local jobs and benefits for the communities where we operate, and to fulfill our vision as a breakthrough global green utility, committed to our future on the planet.”

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