Renewables Forward, a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiative of U.S. renewable and clean energy companies, announced the release of the second in its DEI Playbook series. While the DEI Playbook Part I provides processes and actionable steps and best practices for Human Resources, Part II focuses on DEI integration into a company’s culture, values and strategy.

“The Renewables Forward DEI Playbook is an effective tool for employers to use across all industries,” said Kristina Segura, senior VP of human resources at Safari Energy. “It illustrates how best practices can be shared across many organizations having greater impact on communities across the country.”

What users can expect from Part II of the DEI Playbook:

  • Why get certified in DEI and how it can deliver strong value to the business
  • The strategic value of DEI to your organization
  • What are Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and how to create effective ones
  • How to implement effective DEI feedback surveys
  • Community outreach, team-building and impact for employee engagement
  • DEI management training and the value of mentorship

The “how to” DEI Playbook Part I and II provides easy-to-follow, tactical suggestions renewable and clean energy companies can immediately implement to become part of the solution. The collective’s view is that successful and enduring DEI programs should be tailored to each company and reflect organizational culture, employee engagement and business strategy. Since the founding of Renewables Forward in 2020, supporters and leaders have consistently partnered with a broad set of partners and organizations U.S.-wide to ensure existing efforts and experience guide future priorities and strategies to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the renewable industry.

“Democratization and equity in clean and renewable energy should be the goal, and if we can’t achieve that within our own ranks, how can we ever do so for society?” said Dr. Tyler Grassman, associate professor for the department of materials science and engineering at The Ohio State University. “A major value of the Renewables Forward is that the organization is providing actual practicable advice and strategies to companies who may not know where to start, much of which can be adopted and adapted by other industry verticals and academia.”

Along with Part II of the DEI Playbook, Renewables Forward added 12 new member companies and organizations: PVEL, Stonepeak, BEF, Clean Energy Bright Futures, Peak Demand, Dividend, Longroad Energy, Google, DNV, Sunage Financial, Greenbacker and ACORE.

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