Renewable Solar, a commercial and agricultural solar installer, built a 2.82-MW solar project south of Hanford, California, that uses Solar FlexRack single-axis trackers.

Credit: Solar FlexRack

The project was installed for Danell Brothers Dairy, which provides the farm owners with over $650,000 in annual savings through reduced utility costs as well as greater energy resiliency amid increasingly severe weather and associated power outages.

“From their versatile and reliable TDP and TDP 2.0 solar trackers to their robust project support services at every stage of each project, Solar FlexRack has, and continues to be, an ideal long-term supplier partner,” said Dusty Howze, President of Renewable Solar. “We’re excited to continue to work alongside Solar FlexRack to efficiently execute additional solar energy projects that deliver long-term savings and energy independence for local farmers – all while creating a more sustainable planet.”

With utility rates for California dairy farms having increased by as much as 54% over the last 10 years, an increasing number of energy-intensive dairy farms are opting for solar energy to reduce operational costs. Over 150 of the state’s dairy farms are now generating solar energy and, according to a recent study, California dairies have reduced greenhouse gases emitted per gallon of milk produced by 45% over a 50-year period.

“We’re proud to have been able to partner with Renewable Solar to deliver high-quality clean energy systems and associated cost savings for California farm owners over the years,” said Steve Daniel, executive VP of Solar FlexRack. “We look forward to working together further with Renewable Solar on additional agricultural solar projects in support of California’s nation-leading renewable portfolio standard.”

Solar FlexRack reported that its single-axis trackers have been installed in more than 80 agricultural solar projects in California.

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