RBI Solar, SolarBOS, Sunfig and TerraSmart, all part of Gibraltar Industries’ renewable energy group, are unifying under a shared brand, Terrasmart. The company plans to integrate all of its product lines and services to create “a seamless customer experience.”

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“Our mission is to power our people, partners, and the world forward,” says Ed McKiernan, President, Terrasmart. “The drive behind the new Terrasmart is to forge powerful connections, engineer solutions, and create advantages that deliver stronger outcomes for our customers’ projects and portfolios.”

With the product and service offerings under its umbrella, Terrasmart plans to position itself as an accessible solar technology provider for projects at varying scales, locations and types. The companies have 19 GW of installed capacity across 4,600 projects.

Gibraltar Industries acquired RBI Solar in 2015. RBI manufactures custom-designed and engineered pile-foundation racking systems and canopy and roof structures. Gibraltar added SolarBOS, an electrical balance of system solutions provider, to its renewables division in 2018. Then this year, Gibraltar acquired TerraSmart and Sunfig. TerraSmart is a solar foundations manufacturer that offers turnkey installation and civil services. Sunfig is a project modeling software focused on optimizing project performance and financial scenarios.

“By merging our strengths to create a truly comprehensive solar project solution — from early-stage project optimization to design and engineering through to installation and real-time performance monitoring — we can better serve the growing utility, commercial and industrial and community markets, helping make solar energy more profitable and accessible,” McKiernan said.

Terrasmart is blurring the line between installer and manufacturer. The company plans to offer services in early-stage project optimization with slope and topography analysis, design and engineering, manufacturing, project management, construction and installation and real-time performance monitoring.

The four companies will transition to the singular Terrasmart brand over the next six months, finalizing the change in early 2022. The company will continue to be represented at division locations in Buffalo, New York; Cincinnati, Ohio; Ft. Myers, Florida; and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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