Renewable energy operations and asset performance management software provider Power Factors has acquired Greenbyte and its renewable energy management platform. The combined entity supports more than 75 GW of wind, solar and energy storage assets globally.

“The combination of Greenbyte and Power Factors achieves an unparalleled scale and breadth of service in global renewable software, taking our customers a step closer to delivering 100% renewable energy,” said Jonas Corné, Greenbyte’s CEO. “Data is helping to transform the energy industry, from automated workflows to the mission-critical insights needed to drive positive outcomes in the fight against climate change. Consolidation has been anticipated in the sector for some time and in Power Factors, we have found a partner that complements our market presence and our mindset. Joining forces allows us to better adapt to the changing needs of our customers. It means more trustworthy data, more innovation, and, ultimately, more renewable energy.”

By combining forces Greenbyte and Power Factors will play a greater role in driving the converging digital and energy transformations, enabling companies around the world to tap into data across their entire business and surface deeper insights to make smarter decisions, accelerate electrification, and drive intelligent, connected experiences among enterprises. As part of Power Factors, Greenbyte will accelerate and extend its mission to help customers visualize, understand and act on renewable energy data. Over time, the two platforms are expected to converge, bringing together the best practices of both platforms into a single unified toolset for the effective management and operation of large fleets of renewable energy assets.

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