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Combining the Denali ISP with the new plug-and-play Xilinx starter kit affords developers access to real-time, high quality HDR video to fuel their artificial intelligence and computer vison advancements.

Pinnacle Imaging SystemsTM Announces DenaliTM 3.0 Soft ISP & HDR Sensor Module for New Xilinx Kria SOM Platform and Vision AI Starter Kit

Today, Pinnacle Imaging SystemsTM, a developer of Image Signal Processors (ISP) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) video solutions, announced it will offer its proprietary Denali 3.0TMHDR ISP along with a new HDR sensor module for the just-launched Xilinx Kria K26 SOM and KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit. The new KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit was created to help artificial intelligence innovators streamline development of their smart vision applications and rapidly deploy them in production with the Kria K26 SOM.

With Pinnacle Imaging’s real-time up to 120dB HDR imaging capability at their disposal, AI developers will have the ability to capture data-rich imaging streams for their neural networks even in high contrast lighting conditions. The Denali 3.0 ISP will be available as a trial download and licensed IP from the Xilinx app store connected to the Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit in the coming months.

In addition to adapting its Denali 3.0 ISP to the new Kria SOM platform, Pinnacle Imaging is also announcing a new IAS HDR sensor module paired with and tuned for the KV260 Vison AI Starter Kit. This sensor module is based on the ON Semiconductor AR0239 CMOS imager capable of capturing up to 120dB/20EV of dynamic range at 1080p/30 full HD resolution. The sensor captures 3-exposures per frame that are then merged and tone mapped in the ISP, providing the ultimate HDR video optimized for AI enabled security and surveillance applications.

“With our new Kria SOMs and Vision AI Starter Kit, we’re aiming to simplify the delivery of advanced vision technologies to a new generation of innovators,” said Chetan Khona, director, Industrial, Vision, Healthcare and Sciences at Xilinx. “Having the powerful capabilities of Pinnacle Imaging’s Denali Soft HDR ISP available on the Kria KV260 Starter Kit will be invaluable for designers developing next generation vison systems designed to work in variable or difficult lighting conditions.”

The Denali 3.0 Programmable Image Signal Processor IP is Pinnacle Imaging’s camera-ready, end-to-end HDR ISP which gives designers a massive amount of flexibility compared to traditional hardwired ASIC based ISPs. Denali 3.0 leverages Pinnacle Imaging’s proprietary advanced algorithms to accurately tone map high contrast scenes and extract the full scope of rich image data for mission critical computer vision and AI applications requiring real-time imaging.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Xilinx to offer our Denali 3.0 soft ISP solution on this new and exciting platform. Xilinx is really pushing to democratize these development tools and make them available to a wider audience of innovative thinkers,” said Alfred Zee, CEO of Pinnacle Imaging Systems.

“The beauty of our programmable ISP on the Xilinx platform, is that it is easy for us to customize it to meet specific customers’ needs or adapt it to any sensor type, even those with non-traditional color filter arrays. The AR0239 based IAS HDR sensor module is our first sensor module for this platform, but we expect to support additional sensors in the future based on customer requirements.”

Sensor Agnostic Real-Time HDR Video Output
The Denali 3.0 ISP cores are adapted from Pinnacle Imaging’s patented HDR technology. Modeled on true human vision, this proprietary technology ensures retention of local image contrast as well as details in highlights and shadows, all without producing halos or color shifts. Denali 3.0 is also uniquely adaptable to support sensors of any resolution, and diverse HDR capture methods.

Technical Capabilities of Denali TM 3.0 ISP
For engineers and camera designers developing mission critical applications, the highest-quality video signal and ultra-fast response times are imperative. Denali 3.0 delivers real-time video capable of producing up to 120 dB or 20-EV steps of dynamic range while ensuring extremely low latency, and its unique HDR IP completely eliminates halo artifacts and color shifts. This allows Denali 3.0 to capture up to 1080p HDR video in real-time that is fully tone-mapped at 30 fps. Denali 3.0 is also able to accommodate automated or full-user control modes.

DenaliTM 3.0 Key Features

  • Optimized for Kria K26 SOM and KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit
  • Support for ON Semi AR0239 HDR 1080p/30 Full HD Sensor
  • 3-frame exposure merge block
  • Up to 120dB/20EV High Dynamic Range
  • Proprietary locally adaptive tone mapping technology
  • Auto/manual exposure & white balance
  • Ultra Low latency
  • Auto de-ghosting and motion compensation
  • Auto halo elimination
  • Auto EV bracketing

Pricing and Availability
Developers interested in leveraging the Denali 3.0 ISP with the new Xilinx Kria K26 SOM or KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit, can find it for download in the Xilinx App Store starting June 1, 2021 as a free fully-functional watermarked trial version, or a single fully-licensed version.


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