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Custom controllers provide real-time escalator availability data to passengers through city transport app.

Otis Selected to Provide 92 Escalators for Munich Metro Modernization

As part of ongoing modernization in the Munich metro, Otis Germany has been selected to install 92 heavy-duty escalators to replace existing units at 18 stations over the next five years. Otis (NYSE: OTIS) is the world’s leading company for elevator and escalator manufacturing, installation and service.

Otis worked closely with Stadtwerke München, the public company that operates the metro system, to develop escalator systems that meet the customer’s specific needs. This includes their custom controllers that collect real-time data for passengers to access online or through the city’s transport app to confirm escalators are in operation at their transfer or destination stations before starting their journeys. This real-time monitoring will also allow for timely maintenance and reduced downtime. The controllers will be manufactured by Otis in Berlin.

“Given our longstanding relationship, this new award demonstrates that our solutions are appreciated by our customer, said Udo Hoffmann, Vice President & General Manager, Otis Germany & Austria. “We are proud that Otis systems will continue to provide reliable and comfortable transportation for the many passengers who count on Munich’s subway stations.”

The subway is one of the most important means of public transport in Munich and carried 429 million passengers in 2019. Stadtwerke München has turned to Otis for mobility solutions since 1985, and with these newest units, Otis will have supplied more than 500 escalators to the Munich metro system since then.

“Stadtwerke München and Otis have been successful business partners for decades. Implementing a modernization project on this scale is not an everyday occurrence and naturally fills both sides with pride. In this way, we can and will make an important contribution to public mobility and infrastructure in our city,” said Anton Michel, Head of Electrical and Plant Engineering at Stadtwerke München.

The heavy-duty, commercial-grade Otis NPE escalators are designed for the demands of public spaces such as airports, metros and other busy transport hubs. The escalators will be manufactured at the Otis facility in Breclav, Czech Republic. They are slated to be installed from 2021 to 2026.

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