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The optical presence detector, thePixa KNX, detects how many people are in a room and where they are. This information is used to trigger predefined actions in the KNX building control system. It’s not just the building automation features that stand to gain – there are completely new benefits, especially for building operators. For example, flexible options for configuring desk-sharing or for optimising room occupancy and building cleaning activities.

Optical presence detector thePixa KNX: Optimise building automation & building operation

For decades, classic Presence detectors with passive infrared technology have controlled the lighting and indoor climate of many rooms in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner. They detect people accurately and reliably based on their body heat and movements. The pixel-based detection technology of thePixa KNX optical presence detector opens up further applications with enhanced value, extending far beyond the scope of PIR presence detectors.

Advantages of thePixa at a glance:

  • Pixel-based detection technology
  • Detecting & counting objects & people
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Triggering KNX building automation actions
  • Added value for building operators
  • Easy app programming

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