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Omron Electronic Components Europe is supporting the roll out of sustainable energy sources by presenting a range of solutions addressing PV inverters, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and EV charging systems at EDS, Coventry, (Stand K32).

Omron presents solutions for PV panels and EV charging at EDS

Omron offers sensor and switch solutions to support smart use of energy in homes and offices.

New at the event will be the recently added Omron G9KB, a PCB power relay that provides bi-directional high power DC switching for the next generation of renewable battery energy storage systems (BESS) for homes and DC wall boxes for electric vehicles (EVs). It can replace two standard uni-directional relays in this type of application. In a V2H (vehicle-to-home) system, the relay enables an EV battery to be used as a source of power for a household electricity system when the solar panels are not generating power; whereas in a V2G (vehicle-to-grid) system it allows the stored energy to be exported to the grid.

Also presented will be the G9KA, a compact, efficient 800VAC / 200A high power relay aimed at power conditioning systems (PCS) associated with renewable micro power generation as well as inverters and UPS applications. It is an ideal relay solution for grid interconnection and safety interruption. These applications demand high energy efficiency as well as low heat generation, and the G9KA benefits from an exceptionally low contact resistance.

Omron presents solutions for PV panels and EV charging at EDS

The Omron G7L-X relay, with a rated load of 1000V DC at 25A and a release time of just 30ms is ideal as a disconnect relay for a PV panels, EV chargers or other renewable sources. It provides fast and complete disconnection in an emergency, to permit maintenance or in response to utility requests. The G7L-X conforms to UK and IEC solar inverter standards, as well as applicable UL and VDE electrical standards.

Further solutions for EV chargers exhibited by Omron at EDS include the G9EJ and G2RX for DC pre-charge and inrush current bypass applications. The G9EJ is a cost-effective solution for this application that can support up to 25A at 400VDC. The device features a proprietary contact driving system that enhances the inrush current performance and ensures a long service life under these conditions. The highly compact G2RG-X is a durable 500VDC/ 10A power relay. It offers a low coil power consumption of just 0.8W.

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