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Nexans, a key player in electrification and the energy transition, has signed a three-year partnership agreement with Eiffage. The Group has been approved to supply charging stations for electric vehicles at Eiffage’s 1,000 French sites, representing more than 4,000 charging points.

Nexans strengthens its long-standing partnership with Eiffage for the energy transition and the electrification of the future

After 20 years of successful collaboration, Eiffage renews its trust in Nexans for the supply of charging stations.

Nexans’ AGICITY range, produced at its Donchery site in the Ardennes region of France, offers compact charging stations that can be customized for indoor and outdoor car parks, including numerous services and options for integrating high-performance digital solutions.

The AC and DC charging stations supplied by Nexans operate at between 22-50 kVA, allowing two cars to charge at the same time. A 45-minute charge gives up to 80% of the electric range, depending on the vehicles and the power of the station.

An initial project overseen by Nexans to equip the Eiffage head office in Vélizy Villacoublay with 200 charging points was successfully completed in 2021.

With these developments, Nexans is once again displaying its industrial agility and its capacity to support its customers in their energy transition.

“ We are very proud of the trust that Eiffage places in Nexans. This partnership enhances our collaboration even further, offering exciting development prospects in the rapidly expanding EVCI market. It also demonstrates the commitment of our two groups to the energy transition. ”
Jean-Louis Tisnes

“ Nexans’ expertise, the quality and reliability of its French-manufactured products, and the quality of the long-term collaborative relationship were decisive factors in our decision to confirm Nexans as a supplier to equip our 1,000 sites with electric vehicle charging stations. ”
Patrick Harter

Since 2014, Nexans has been designing and manufacturing electric vehicle charging stations that integrate management and supervision services. It has already delivered more than 20,000 charging points in France, supporting the collective effort to reduce CO2 emissions.

Nexans hence confirms its broader goal of creating the electricity of tomorrow and being a player in the construction of a low-carbon Europe.

This ambition follows on from actions already undertaken with Eiffage, in particular in the development of solar energy – an area that has seen continual growth since the inauguration of the Cestas photovoltaic power plant in 2015, the largest in Europe at the time (300 MWc of installed power producing the equivalent annual consumption of 150,000 households).

Given that 40% of global energy-related CO2 emissions come from the electricity sector, primary energy sources must move towards renewable energy. Solar power, for example, currently accounts for around 2% of the French energy mix. However, this sector is expected to see exponential growth, and is now a priority investment for the planet.

Nexans is also working to bolster the competitiveness, reliability and sustainability of solar power – one of the key solutions for the electrification of the future, as well as the use of electric vehicles.

Eiffage and Nexans have a long-standing partnership working closely together in the energy transition markets through the sale of LV/MV cables and accessories for public energy networks and renewable energy projects, particularly solar.


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