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Because electricians deserve first class head, face, ear and neck protection.

NEW V-Gard 950 Class 2 Safety Helmet from MSA

Electrical applications require reliable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure that electricians are protected from a variety of hazards, like arc flashes, without compromising on comfort.

Based on this and on the strong market demand for safety helmets with integrated eye or face protection, MSA Safety has developed a new electrician helmet, the V-Gard 950 Class 2. Manufactured in France, the V-Gard 950 Class 2 is built on MSA’s market-leading electrician helmet, the V-Gard 950, which has a clear integrated GS-ET-29 Class 1 (4kA) face shield, and is already protecting hundred thousands of electricians across the world. The Class 2 version now provides complete head-face-neck and ear protection against electrical hazards.

The V-Gard 950 Class 2 was developed to help protect electricians from arc-flash risks up to 7kA without compromising on comfort. For complete and reliable protection, the safety helmet features an integrated arc-flash light blue face shield and unique ear and neck protection flaps.

NEW V-Gard 950 Class 2 Safety Helmet from MSA

V-Gard 950 Class 2, Comfort, Convenience and Versatility

Weighing just 715 grams, the V-Gard 950 Class 2 is the lightest and most balanced integrated electrician safety solution in its category.

The light-blue face shield features a patented smart 2D adjustment, ensuring gap-free protection for all users, including those wearing corrective glasses or smart glasses. When not needed, the face shield can easily be stowed into the helmet shell using its patented mechanism, inspired by the famous MSA GALLET F1XF fire helmet face shield. The mechanism design also allows the helmet shell size to stay minimal, making the V-Gard 950 Class 2 the most compact electrician helmet with an integrated GS-ET-29 Class 2 (7kA) face shield available on the market. A great advantage for those working in small spaces.

Other key benefits of the integrated light-blue face shield is the high optical quality and its Visible Light Transmittance of greater than 75% (“Class 0” = the best light transmission class according to GS-ET-29 norm). This allows for optimal colour recognition, and makes electrical work comfortable and safe, even in low visibility conditions. Its anti-fog premium coating brings comfort and additional safety, while its anti-scratch premium coating enhances the face shield service life.

The MSA-unique ear and neck textile flaps, made of an arc-flash resistant fabric, brings an additional layer of protection to the users. When the electrician doesn’t need them they can be easily stowed in a “parking” position on the top of the helmet shell, always ready to easily put back into “working position”.

Comfort is key for electrician’s helmets. It enhances user compliance in wearing the safety helmet, and it enables electricians to be focused on the task at hand. The Fas-Trac® III 6-point textile suspension, with easy ratchet adjustment (even when wearing electrical safety gloves), and premium washable and replaceable sweatband for full forehead coverage adds to the premium comfort factor.

Each V-Gard 950 Class 2 comes with a 4-point textile chinstrap, ensuring better helmet retention and is delivered in a premium textile transport and storage bag.

This modern electrician helmet is available in 6 colours with multiple customisation possibilities including retroreflective stickers, badge holders for user identification and high-quality logo printing.

NEW V-Gard 950 Class 2 Safety Helmet from MSA

Spotlight on Certification

This new category III PPE features a full set of approvals:

EN397:2012 “Industrial safety helmets” (with options: Electrical insulation 440V, Molten Metal, Very Low temperatures -30°C and Lateral Deformation) and EN50365 “Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations”.

Its integrated clear blue arc-flash visor is certified according to GS-ET-29 Class 2 (7kA) arc-flash visors norm and EN 166:2002 “Personal eye-protection” (with options: resistance to medium energy impact 120 m/s, protection against liquid chemical splash, Electric arc resistance, resistance to molten metal, resistance to scratching and resistance to fogging.

It is worth mentioning that the V-Gard 950 Class 2 is also certified by INERIS for safe use in ATEX zones 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 (ELECTROSTATIC-INERIS certification).

The V-Gard 950 Class 2 is now available and completes the MSA industrial helmet portfolio, made up of 13 different models for multiple applications.

To celebrate its launch, MSA invites end-users to ‘Try Before You Buy’ and test the V-Gard 950 Class 2 for free (conditions apply).


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