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Who can support this project?

Solutions provider Eplan is presenting a new service. The Eplan Marketplace is an international platform that networks users of CAE software and service providers – for instance in engineering, control cabinet manufacturing, panel building and consult-ing. Quick access to service providers in these Eplan environments ensures trouble-free working on a project, even in the event of resource issues.

New service: Eplan Marketplace
Marco Litto.jpg: “We want our customers around the world to be successful,” says Eplan Senior Vice President Strategy & Corporate Program Marco Litto, summing it all up.

The new Eplan Marketplace is now live, providing companies around the world with fast access to service providers in the fields that Eplan covers. On this platform, access to which is provided via Eplan’s website, people can search for providers that offer services related to Eplan applications.

Don’t spend time searching – spend it finding

For the service’s initiators at Eplan, the objective is clear: “We want our customers around the world to be success-ful,” says Eplan Senior Vice President Strategy & Corporate Program Marco Litto, summing it all up. Day-to-day business shows that the project business has many of its own hurdles with data preparation and integration, things companies sometimes cannot handle on their own. Often times they also need personnel resources as support. This begs the question: Which provider in the field of CAE software, specifically in the Eplan environment, is suitable for this? Then the arduous search begins, especially in larger countries that have less coverage with Eplan expertise. Until now, Eplan Sales has assisted in establishing contact with compa-nies. This search process will now be simplified with the Marketplace.

Quick access to international suppliers
The Eplan Marketplace is divided into three sectors. The “Engineering Services” sector includes services such as creating schematics, hardware design or setting up device data. Companies may be able to find what they’re looking for to compensate for project bottlenecks as an example. The “Module Manufacturing Service” sector addresses services in control cabinet engineering, panel building, cabling assembly and wire harness creation. “General Consulting” includes service providers who advise joint customers in the fields of ERP, PLM or software development (PLC, visualisation, etc.). By searching for the software in use, type of services or country-specific region, users can filter which providers are suitable for which tasks. Contact to the companies can also be initiated directly through the platform.

New service: Eplan Marketplace
Eplan Marketplace.jpg: A map-based view makes it easy to find which suppliers can provide support in the international market environment.

The maxim is tested quality
How does it work? Service providers can register via a website free of charge. The requirements for participating in the Eplan Marketplace are proven qualifications – for instance an employee who has trained to become an Eplan Certified Engineer as well as an evaluation from at least one reference client. Eplan managers then validate the provider and qualifications, and, after a successful check, the company is then listed in the Marketplace. The listing as well as its use are naturally also free of charge. Users can use the contact form to send an inquiry to the service provider – services are then agreed to and invoiced outside the Marketplace. Feedback can be left on the platform that can help other interested parties in choosing their future service provider.

New service: Eplan Marketplace
Services.jpg: Goal of the Eplan Marketplace: quick access to service providers in the Eplan environment, around the world.

60 small and medium-sized enterprises are already listed in the Marketplace and solutions provider Eplan is planning to expand the offerings here. Companies with the corresponding expertise in the engineering environ-ment around the world are encouraged to register for the Marketplace.

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