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Siemens Smart Infrastructure has launched the new Sentron 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link with integrated communication and measurement functionality.

New LV HRC fuse link from Siemens increases supply security in power grids

The new Sentron 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link protects grids and plants against short circuits and overloads and is capable of measuring current.

  • High transparency through integrated communication and measurement functionality
  • Faster response to faults minimizes downtime
  • Easy retrofitting of existing systems without additional space requirements

The compact device is designed for low-voltage grids up to 400 volts and can be used in secondary substations and industrial plants. The LV HRC fuse link protects grids and plants against short circuits and overloads and is capable of measuring current. The collected data is sent wirelessly to the new 7KN Powercenter 1000 data transceiver where it can be retrieved. In addition, it can be transferred to local or cloud-based grid and energy management systems. Among other things, the data provides insight about the current network load, phase symmetry and any irregularities. This makes it possible to increase the supply security and optimize maintenance and service. Thanks to faster fault detection and location, the duration of power outages can be significantly reduced.

“Increasingly distributed energy systems pose new challenges for distribution networks,” said Martin Moosburger, Vice President of Product Management, Electrical Products Business Unit, at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “Among other things, smart grids must be able to balance fluctuations in energy production and demand and coordinate multidirectional power flows. This can only be done with the help of digital technology. Our new fuse is a small but very effective component in the digitalization of the energy landscape by providing valuable data for grid monitoring.”

The new 3NA COM LV HRC fuse link gives companies in the industry and infrastructure sector greater transparency over their power distribution. They can use the collected data for operational energy management and to optimize their energy efficiency as well as for service and maintenance.

Easy retrofit of existing plants

The communication-capable fuse is easy to install and retrofit without requiring additional space. It has the same dimensions as conventional LV HRC fuses, but consists of two components that can be plugged together: an LV HRC fuse link with a shortened ceramic body and a multifunctional electronic module. As is typical with LV HRC fuses, the fuse link trips in the event of a short circuit and overload. The electronic module additionally measures the current flow at selected points in the grid and provides insight into the current operating status at any time. Faults such as creeping grid or phase overload are reliably detected and can be localized quickly.

For additional processing, the measured values from up to 24 fuses are sent wirelessly to the 7KN Powercenter 1000 data transceiver. From there, the data can be retrieved directly via Bluetooth using a mobile device or transmitted to higher-level gateways via Modbus TCP. The 7KN Powercenter 3000 IoT data platform, for example, can be used to transfer data to MindSphere, the cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens. Data can be visualized either locally, for instance using the Sentron “powerconfig” or Sentron “powermanager” software, or in the cloud using the Sentron “powermind” app.

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