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New micro switch with diagnostic benefits.

New IP67 ASQMR switch with resistor-based detection of failure modes

An interesting addition to the successful ASQM micro-switch series: Panasonic Industry introduces the IP67 ASQMR switch with resistor-based detection of failure modes.

An application’s functional safety is – first and foremost – a matter of its components’ being as failure-proof as possible.

When it comes to micro switches that are a step ahead of conventional products, Panasonic Industry now has some exciting news for anyone interested in functional safety:

The new diagnostic ASQMR IP67 micro switch contains two chip resistors as voltage dividers. This feature facilitates the detection of the failure modes lead wire break or short circuits – and thus prevents the application from experiencing a serious failure or possibly causing severe damage. Setting different output voltage levels for normal vs. failure mode, the new ASQMR is the most compact resistor-equipped switch available on the market today.

Double clipping sliding contact design provides excellent shock- and vibration resistance.

For maximum freedom of choice, the product line contains solder or fork terminals as well as wire leads type. An array of levers effectively facilitates use in many applications.

From locks, latches and lids in automotive constructions to industrial emergency and safety devices or smart-home or building-automation applications – the ASQMR “mini-switch” is the component of choice for everyone seeking that extra bit of next-gen component safety and long-term reliability.

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