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ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, has extended its broad portfolio of spectral sensors with the launch of the AS7343. It is the company’s first product to combine multi-channel color analysis with XYZ sensor technology to measure the color and intensity of light as seen by the human eye. When integrated into colorimeters, portable spectrometers and consumer devices, the AS7343 gives added productivity, flexibility and functionality to users in applications for color matching, lighting control, and spectral analysis.

New AS7343 multi-spectral sensor adds XYZ technology to increase speed and accuracy of color measurements

The multi-channel spectral sensor with XYZ technology enables increased speed and accuracy.
Picture: ams OSRAM

  • Multi-purpose AS7343 combines 14-channel spectral analysis of visible and infrared light (IR) with XYZ functionality to match the human eye’s perception of color and light intensity
  • Added functionality and superior sensitivity in the latest ams OSRAM spectral sensor offer greater flexibility and faster measurement to solution developers requiring both multi-channel color analysis with XYZ sensing
  • Use cases include horticulture, smoke and heat alarms, consumer devices

This new multi-purpose sensor is ideal for color analysis in applications which require frequent, accurate measurements. For instance, operators of greenhouses and indoor farms use color analysis to optimize the spectral characteristics of horticultural lighting, and to maximize yield and energy efficiency. Different crops’ growth is stimulated by different parts of the visible light spectrum. “The AS7343 provides fast and accurate spectral measurement of light incident on the crop. These results may be matched with the light requirements of each plant species. Lighting settings can be adjusted to produce illumination at the relevant parts of the spectrum as necessary”, explains Kevin Jensen, Senior Marketing Manager in the Optical Sensors business unit at ams OSRAM.

Compact chip performs precise spectral analysis
The 14-channel AS7343 is chip housed in a flat 3.1 mm x 2 mm x 1 mm package. It functions like a spectrometer, measuring the spectral power distribution of a light source or reflected light. It features 12 equally spaced measurement channels in the visible light spectrum, alongside a Near Infrared (NIR) channel and including the XYZ function. The difference from its predecessor, the AS7341, is, that the AS7343 combines a multi-channel spectral sensor with the XYZ technology. The XYZ channels are closely aligned to the CIE 1931 XYZ color space, a standard model of the human eye’s perception of color. The AS7343’s ability to produce direct XYZ values, known as color coordinates, gives users the flexibility to choose whether to perform a full spectral analysis or a simpler color sweep.

“With the AS7343 the user can perform quick sweeps of color signatures of interest, or measure in full resolution, as needed. The sensor’s multi-channel capabilities also allow users to compensate the human eye’s susceptibility to incorrect color matching, called metamerism. This results in more accurate color reproduction,” says Kevin Jensen.

The AS7343 creates a characteristic spectral signature of any light sources and reflected light. Up to six channels can be used simultaneously, providing for more flexible use. The new product is up to four times more sensitive, than its predecessor the AS7341 resulting in better balanced color perception across the spectrum and improved signal analysis. Automatic ADC reconfiguration also gives a faster multi-channel readout.

The sensors small size makes it easy to accommodate it in space-constrained applications.

Wide range of applications
In applications such as horticultural lighting, a single sensor is usually sufficient, providing a high-resolution measurement of the spectral power distribution. If even higher resolution is required, filter response curves of two or more AS7343 devices can be configured to overlap, reducing the bandwidth of each channel and increasing measurement resolution. This technique can also be used together with the AS7341. In addition, the AS7343 sensor enables chromatographic analysis of liquids or materials, supporting applications in horticulture such as the measurement of chlorophyll concentration in plants.
Another application for the AS7343 is in smoke alarms and heat alarms, for the detection of spectral smoke signatures. Spectral analysis by the AS7343 enables a smoke sensor to distingish between different types of smoke from burning wood to plastic or water vapor.

New AS7343 multi-spectral sensor adds XYZ technology to increase speed and accuracy of color measurements
The AS7343 provides fast and accurate spectral measurement of light incident on the crop.
Picture: OSRAM

More details about the AS7343 and AS7341 can be found on our website.


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