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Then name Mophie is synonymous with portable power solutions for your smartphone, tablet, and other accessories. This week the company announced four new rugged battery solutions designed to provide power where and when you need it.

Road warriors, field workers, and people working in an office who experience an emergency will appreciate the rugged, reliable nature and options for providing power with these four new rugged products. It’s interesting to see there is no USB-C output on these battery packs, but more universal USB-A ports are provided. We have the Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor in hand and under evaluation so stay tuned for an upcoming review.

Powerstation Go Rugged Compact

This $99.95 portable battery solution has two USB-A ports, a flashlight, and jump starter cables to power up your vehicle’s dead battery. The Powerstation Go Rugged Compact has an 8,100 mAh capacity and weighs in at 18.4 ounces, just over a pound.

The battery pack is charged up via USB-C. A carrying pouch is provided so you can store the battery in your vehicle for emergencies with the bright light helping out even if you don’t need to charge up a dead battery.

Powerstation Go Rugged AC

Another new battery pack, the Powerstation Go Rugged AC is available now for $149.95. This battery offers more than double the capacity of the Compact model, 15000 mAh, and adds a 65W A/C port so you can charge up virtually any mobile tech.

In addition to the A/C port, there are two USB-A ports and portable car jump starter cables. This battery is also charged up via a USB-C port.

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Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor

The most expensive new rugged battery, the Powerstation Go Rugged with Air Compressor is perfect for vehicles, boats, and more. Air compressors are hard to find in public locations so it’s great to see this 15000 mAh battery pack provide enough pressure to inflate car tires, air mattresses, bike tires, and more. Campers, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate all that is offered with this rugged battery pack.


Image: Mophie

USB-C is used to charge up the battery with two USB-A ports, jumper cable output, and an air compressor hose attachment provided by the battery. A powerful LED floodlight is also provided because emergencies never seem to happen in perfect conditions.

Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight

The fourth new rugged solution does not come in the form of a rectangular battery pack, but is provided as a flashlight. The Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight might be round and appear to be a standard flagshlight, but this 9900 mAh battery pack has a USB-C input, USB-A output, and jumper cable output with a powerful flashlight.

It is priced at $119.95 and available now. The flashlight can also be turned on in SOS mode or with a red light for emergencies or maintaining your night vision. A LED indicator light is provided for battery status.

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