The Eplan Partner Network (EPN) is a framework for participants to jointly develop and market interfaces between Eplan’s advanced planning software and, amongst others, field level devices and parts such as PLCs and their related simulators. The EPN partnership is based on common, binding goals, for enhancing and supporting such interfaces. This commitment both increases customer benefits and enhances quality.

The integrated automation solution provided by Mitsubishi Electric and Eplan connects Electric P8 to Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSOFT iQ Works, an integrated engineering software for programming and managing factory automation devices. Based on the open data format AutomationML, data such as symbolic addresses, I/O lists and process variables can be exchanged bi-directionally between both software tools. This optimizes the implementation of engineering and automation processes and paves the way  towards  Industry 4.0. The dataset created in Eplan forms the basis for the PLC hardware (rack) assembly and software programming in MELSOFT iQ Works. Users can exchange, later edit, and synchronize project data in any direction at all stages of the project. The data is shared throughout the whole product development process as a single source of truth to ensure its consistency. In addition, the Eplan Data Portal provides additional and necessary component data. Taken together, the integration accelerates component configuration and design planning significantly.

“We are pleased to have Mitsubishi Electric join our network,” says Marco Litto, Senior Vice President Strategy & Corporate Program. “With the EPN, we’re maximizing the overall benefits of our own solutions and those of our partners in the ecosystem of industrial automation for shared customers. Together we’re creating a win-win situation for both customers and partners.”

“Our participation in the EPN will tighten even more the existing relationship between Mitsubishi Electric and Eplan,” said Hajime Sugiyama, Industrial IoT Evangelist and Lead Global e-F@ctory Alliance coordinator of Mitsubishi Electric. “We are looking forward to further collaboration with Eplan to bring customers more benefit in their digital manufacturing initiatives.”


To date, the two companies have also promoted integrated solutions in such areas as FA-IT software platforms Edgecross and industrial networking like CC-Link and its derivatives (CC-Link-IE etc). 

Eplan and Mitsubishi Electric have a long history of working together, which was initially kicked off through the e-F@ctory Alliance where the companies now work together in Japan, Europe and many other regions around the world. The new EPN will consequently strengthen ties between the companies and within the alliance, enabling customers to find the most optimal solutions for their integrated manufacturing needs.

*Image Source: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
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