Poland-based PV distributor Menlo Electric announced a 250 MW module tender for deliveries in 2022. Tender spans a broad range of module types, including black frame, bifacial and full black. The modules will be primarily offered to B2C and B2B installers across Central Europe, with shipping expected to Gdańsk, Poland as well as ports of Southern Europe in Slovenia and/or Romania.

The tender is expected to secure stable supplies for Menlo Electric and its customers.

Marta Walendzewicz, Menlo Electric’s CFO and Board Member claims;

 “Due to price hikes and supply disruptions, the PV module industry is undergoing a true paradigm shift. This year it has resembled commodity markets much more than a technology industry.”

“The period of continuous price decreases of the 2010s had most stakeholder believe that this trend could flatten out, but not reverse. Module prices were to be subject to the laws of economies of scale and competition among manufacturers. Now, widespread unpredictability requires distributors to develop skills more commonly associated with commodity traders. Risk management is key in the areas of module prices, shipping costs as well as regulations.”

Marcin Ślęzak, Menlo Electric’s Commercial Director adds:

“In these turbulent times, strong trust-based partnerships with suppliers and clients are more important than ever. We already enjoy several strategic partnerships with major module and inverter manufacturers. However, we are always on the lookout for new, ambitious partners who want to enter the region”.

Mr. Ślęzak explains:

“Export markets already account for almost 30% of our revenues. We want this to grow to at least 50% next year.”

Interested parties should email [email protected] to receive RFQ. The bids are expected by November 5th.


About Menlo Electric
Menlo Electric Sp. z o.o. is a CEE-focused PV distribution company based in Poland with established sales to 10 Central European countries, spanning from Germany to Estonia and from Poland to Bulgaria.  Menlo Electric provides equipment and services to investors, installers and wholesalers in the renewable energy industry throughout Poland and Europe. The components available in the Menlo Electric offer come only from recognized manufacturers. The services offered by the company also include assistance in obtaining financing, design, installation, connection to the power grid and after-sales customer service.

For more information visit www.menloelectric.com.

Press release provided by Menlo Electric.

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