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Maxim Integrated® and Trinamic, both now part of Analog Devices, will demonstrate the future of intelligent digital production solutions at Smart Production Solutions (SPS 2021) from November 23-25, 2021 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Maxim Integrated, now part of Analog Devices, at SPS 2021

Attendees visiting the Maxim Integrated/Trinamic booth 5.128, as well as the adjacent Analog Devices booth 5.129, can discover advances to scale and accelerate the future of sustainable and smart manufacturing systems with intelligent devices at the edge of the factory floor. From Industry 4.0 to motor drive and control, the company’s analog process technology and power design skills enable developers to solve the most demanding system-level challenges by embracing the application knowledge that takes decades to achieve.

A comprehensive overview of all demonstrations is available at a dedicated SPS event page. Highlights of the combined Maxim Integrated/Trinamic demo program at stand 5.128 include the following:

Open-Source Reference Design for End-of-Arm Tooling Applications
Developers seeking greater precision and efficiency in motion control for industrial robotic end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) applications can see the Trinamic TMCM-1617-GRIP-REF open-source hardware reference design featuring a brushless DC servo driver. Through integration, the reference design shows developers how to cut time to production by up to 50 percent and shrink the size of gripper designs up to three times. It is compatible with the inductance demanded of smaller electric motors in robotics, which presents a growing power management challenge for automation designers. The reference design includes multiple protocol stacks including IO-Link®, and features Maxim Integrated’s industrial-grade MAX22000 high-precision configurable analog input/output and MAX14906 quad-channel digital input/output to adjust the multiple modes of the Trinamic servo driver.

Speed Up Motor Drive Commissioning with Auto-Tuning
Designers can select precise and efficient parameters for any motor control application through a user interface using the TMCM-1617 single axis servo driver. As part of the Trinamic Motion Control Language – Integrated Development Environment (TMCL-IDE), visitors will input new parameters to the motor drive application and witness enhanced performance in real-time with the auto-tuning tool. Production managers without in-house expertise can learn the next evolution in self-aware motor control by changing production load levels and tasks in minutes rather than days, helping them avoid expensive downtime.

Accelerate Robotics and Automation with Reduced Power Loss
Developers who require the efficiency of a servo motor in robotics and automation equipment but want the lower cost of a stepper motor will see the best of both worlds through the TMCM-1321 servo controller/driver module demonstration. Built to optimize speed and synchronization of axes for quicker throughput, the TMCM-1321 helps to reduce power loss of two-phase bipolar stepper motors by 75 percent. While brushless motors require a gearbox for fast positioning, Trinamic, now part of Analog Devices, offers control loop technology to implement 51,200 steps that provide improved positioning, lower complexity and enhanced reliability and uptime.

Engineer’s Swiss Army Knife Running on MicroPython
Motor drive modules in the field or on the factory floor can be accessed with a simple Python script using the Trinamic TMCM-0960-MotionPy to provide clear insight into system communications regardless of the interface or bus system. Built to accelerate application prototyping with MicroPython, developers will see a demonstration that rapidly automates testing and analysis. With an embedded processor and no operating system, this tiny module replaces single-board computers and application software for debugging. Visitors can learn how to examine the links between sensors, motor drives and actuators and use them to update and upload new scripts that reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Home Bus for Building Automation Applications
Maxim Integrated’s Home Bus solution is an open protocol data and power network that uses a single line to cross the long distances prevalent in large-scale building automation applications. The demonstration pairs remote control powered directly from the Home Bus with innovative motor control technology from Trinamic. The cost-effective Home Bus can control the actuators typically found in HVAC or automated window and lock openers, providing an easy method of control while reducing the wiring found in traditional methods.

Boosted Productivity with Intelligent IO-Link Actuators
Rapidly changing consumer demands compel producers to require flexibility in their automation equipment to reconfigure factories quickly. Developers can modify their lines on the fly and see the powerful two-way communication technology offered by IO-Link. The PD42-1-1243-IOLINK intelligent actuator demonstration provides insight into boosting productivity and reduces power consumption by expanding configuration and performance data monitoring by 50 percent.

Robust Connectivity with Fault-protected CAN Transceivers
Automation equipment sits idle while technicians detect faults that disabled a control area network (CAN) on the factory floor. The task of fault detection can be difficult when the network is not transmitting or receiving data. Maxim Integrated offers a built-in fault detection mechanism with the MAX33012E CAN transceiver that will show users how to identify the root cause quickly, get back to full production in less time and learn how to offer higher CAN reliability with ±65V fault protection, ±45kV ESD HBM protection, and CMR of ±25V, as well as improve automation uptime when CAN transceivers provide monitoring for overcurrent, overvoltage and transmission failure.

Bitflip Detection and Correction Using Error Correcting Code on the MAX32670
Busy automation environments are rife with alpha particles that could damage equipment and disrupt production through bitflips. Engineers seeking to mitigate this threat will see how introducing greater intelligence to factory devices can avert these disruptions. The MAX32670 is a highly reliable, ultra-low-power microcontroller powered by an Arm® Cortex-M4 processor with a floating-point unit for industrial and IoT applications. Visitors at the show can watch error-correcting code detect and correct bit flips caused by alpha particles and learn how to improve equipment reliability and achieve higher productivity by using intelligence at the edge to avoid disruptions.

Voice-Controlled AI Motor Drive Solution
Visitors will learn how voice control and artificial intelligence accelerate commands for speed and direction of stepper motors with the Trinamic TMC5130A cDriver™ integrated motor and motion control solution. Voice commands captured by the MAX78000FTHR evaluation kit will show quick proof-of-concept and early software development capabilities. The demonstration features the MAX78000 Arm® Cortex® M4F processor providing a neural network model recognizing 20 keywords from the Google speech commands set.

About SPS 2021
SPS 2021 takes place at the Nuremberg, Germany, Exhibition Center, from November 23-25. Details – including those of the parallel online content – are available at the organizers’ site.
This year’s event offers a hybrid format, retaining a parallel online strand. Analog Devices will also contribute to the online content and participate in the lecture program in digital transformation, industrial networking, robotics integration and AI innovation.


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