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Easily switch between your buildings! Using the new Spaceti Multitenancy feature, you can now switch between your buildings using the Workplace App. Improve your portfolio by using one tool to monitor environmental and occupancy conditions across your whole portfolio.

Master Multiple Buildings with Multitenancy!

Benefits of our multitenancy feature include:

  • It also means that workplace managers or landlords do not have to log in and out, add the spaceid and all the credentials every time they want to switch between their tenants. You can now see time by simply switching between your tenants without ever logging out.
  • Each tenant’s meeting room and booking information is separated and you can find the information on their individual tenant page. This means that you can quickly make data-driven decisions about space usage and change building indoor layouts based on data.

Multitenancy is especially useful for clients with a large building portfolio.

  • You can now quickly switch between tenants and monitor occupancy and environmental analytics to improve energy efficiency, and transform your portfolio into high-performing assets that are cheaper to operate.
  • Have a precise overview over your workspace usage across all your buildings in order to modify the space and ensure that they are being used effectively.
  • Quickly and continuously monitor your air quality to make buildings more pleasant for tenants and hold premium building standards.
  • Use one tool to monitor environmental and occupancy conditions across your entire portfolio.

To learn more about managing a large portfolio, read our case study with Castellum, a Swedish developer with an extensive portfolio of buildings across Sweden with a vision to develop the best possible locations for its customers and ensure their long-term satisfaction

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