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amBX SmartCore News

Key Features: Data visualisation, multi-protocol support, automation, hardware integration, system integration, cloud connectivity, and data aggregation.


This smart building platform company works with many businesses across the US and Europe. They provide an integrated, smart building solution that allows building managers to access data and control their buildings.

The building software client required lighting integration and sophisticated lighting control to be embedded as part of their platform.

They offer multiple services, including HVAC control, occupancy analytics, energy usage, ventilation control, security, and more, in one central platform. This allows data to be viewed and interacted with to optimise a building’s performance as well as create a suitable environment for occupants. However, their customers were requesting lighting be part of this system to simplify control further. Lighting is historically hard to integrate with; therefore, it is often a separate system in buildings.

amBX SmartCore software can be easily installed on 3rd party hardware and removes the need for system integration. We were able to integrate with the platform using BACnet, allowing data to be transferred between the two systems and passing lighting logic to the platform. amBX SmartCore operates on-premise in a building providing secure, robust lighting control whilst feeding back data over IP to the building platform in the cloud in real-time.

As a result, the building platform can now offer its clients a fully integrated solution with lighting included. This provides their clients with sophisticated light scenes, schedules, events and triggers, as well as circadian lighting and other lighting-related data such as occupancy and energy. All of this can be accessed via a widget on their main dashboard, and the client also has local control of their lights via a tablet.

The data collected throughout the building can now also aid with business’s ESG scores. They can package all operational data to provide their client with a holistic view of their current usage and work with them to develop an improvement plan to further reduce carbon emissions.

The addition of lighting to this platform provides them with a competitive edge many of their competitors struggle to offer. They have since seen a spike in orders are getting specified on building projects more regularly, resulting in more business.

They are now able to actively play a role in the mission to meet net-zero targets by 2050, acting as an advisor to their clients and helping them reduce their emissions for wider environmental benefit.

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