Have you always wanted to work in electronics but didn’t have the time to get the necessary training? Then you’ll be thrilled to learn that everything you need to know can be found in The Complete Circuit Design & Simulation Super Bundle and, for a limited time only during our sitewide pre-Black Friday sale; you can use the coupon code SAVE15NOV to get 15% off to pay only $50.99.

You can start with the absolute basics with “Set Up an Electronics Home Lab Tools & Equipment” and “How to Solder Electronic Components Like a Professional”. And you need no previous experience whatsoever to take “Arduino Simulation & Block Coding”. In fact, you don’t even need an Arduino board, although you can build one in “Make Arduino Board at Home: Step-by-Step Guide”.

Once you’ve got some basic electronics experience, you can move on to “Make Your Own Arduino Shield”. Former students are really happy with this class; they rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars. It was created by the Educational Engineering team, which specializes in teaching complex subjects with step-by-step guides and bite-sized videos. You can get lots more practice with Arduino in “DIY Arduino Power Supply Shield Using EasyEDA” and “Design & Simulate Arduino Boards and Test Your Code”.

You can actually reach a professional level in circuit board technology with the rest of the classes in this bundle. “Professional PCB Fabrication for Everyone” is super easy for beginners, and “PCB Design: Master Designing Printed Circuit Board” is a complete A to Z guide.

Two courses focus on multisim. “Multisim Live: Circuit Design & Simulation Without Software” allows you to work online, while “PCB Design: Master PCB Design Using Ultiboard & Multisim” shows you how to create a customized printed circuit board.

Several more courses will teach you about microcontrollers, 3D simulations, maintenance and troubleshooting, mount technology, and so much more. If you start to feel like your brain will explode from feeding it so much information, you can always build a LEGO flux capacitor to distract it.

Don’t pass up this chance to learn everything you need to know to become an electronics professional; get The Complete Circuit Design & Simulation Super Bundle while you can use the coupon code SAVE15NOV for a limited time only during our sitewide pre-Black Friday sale to get 15% off and pay only $50.99.

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