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The Connecticut Green Bank announces the installation of a 39.6-kW solar photovoltaic system at Park Hill, a housing complex owned by the East Windsor Housing Authority. The low-income property is comprised of 84 garden style apartments, three laundry rooms and a large community hall/office building. The Housing Authority has agreed to a 20-year PPA in which they buy the electricity generated by the system at a fixed reduced cost. The PPA will save the Housing Authority approximately $130,000 on their electricity costs over the agreement term.

“It was a pleasure to work with the Green Bank on our solar project. The staff was very professional and efficient with the entire process, including the coordination with the installation of the panels by Green Earth Roofing Solutions, who I would also recommend. The cost savings on our electric bill will certainly be beneficial to the Housing Authority and the residents we serve,” Linda Collins, executive director of the East Windsor Housing Authority.

Inclusive Prosperity Capital (IPC), a nonprofit, partnered with Green Bank to own and maintain the system. IPC offers the PPA to multifamily, nonprofit, and municipal customers outside Connecticut.

News item from the Connecticut Green Bank

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