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CRC Industries Europe – Kontakt Chemie

January 10, 2022 – KONTAKT CHEMIE will introduce a new design for its products, hitting the market from the beginning of 2022. The brand is proud to present the new look and feel, which comes with a host of novelties. Next to the design, the rebranding also includes a new colour system, which indicates the type of product at hand, helping the user out. KONTAKT CHEMIE takes proud in its regulatory leadership, and is already compliant with all upcoming regulations, such as UFI and UKCA marking.

KONTAKT CHEMIE launches new look and feel for its aerosol cans

Colour system as part of a new design

The new KONTAKT CHEMIE look comes also with new colours for the aerosol cans. We introduce 8 different colours that indicate the functionality of the product. For example red will represent the “contact cleaners”, Brown will represent the “Air Dusters”, etc. This will be a huge benefit for the users of the brand to immediately identify the type of product they require.

The formulation of the product will remain unchanged, the same high level of performance and quality will be guaranteed for all the products in the KONTAKT CHEMIE range.

KONTAKT CHEMIE launches new look and feel for its aerosol cans

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