Since ‘Power2Drive’ could also be the motto of the electromobility business unit of KEBA Energy Automation, we can’t miss out on the trade fair in Munich. This year, visitors can look forward to a particularly large number of innovations at our booth.

Completely climate-neutral wallbox portfolio
Following the launch of our first climate-neutral wallbox, the KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION, last year, we can now announce an even bigger step towards sustainability: All charging stations we sell in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be produced climate neutral from now on. But that’s not all. We plan to offer only ‘green’ wallboxes in the rest of Europe by the end of the year as well.

KeContact M20: load management for up to 200 charging stations
Where many EVs charge in a confined space, either high electricity supply power levels and expensive energy storages are required – as in fast charging parks – or intelligent load management solutions. In order to make the best possible use of the existing electrical system in company or hotel parking lots or in garages of apartment buildings, we have developed the KeContact M20 charging load management controller. With this, up to 200 charging stations can be smartly controlled and thus also be used simultaneously. Our experts will be at our trade fair booth to answer any questions you may have about this outwardly inconspicuous, but all the more effective development.

The KEBA Wallbox Finder: find the right wallbox in 3 minutes
Not all wallboxes are the same. Some devices charge with a maximum of 11 kW, others reach up to 22 kW. One charging station has a cable, another a socket, one has a simple design, another communicates with the PV system and yet another model can be controlled via a web interface, is suitable for local load management or even has an integrated 4G modem. There are even more options, but not every user needs every feature. To facilitate the process of finding the perfect charging station, we will soon be launching the Wallbox Finder on our website. All you have to do is answer 10 simple questions and right after, you’ll receive the ideal product result. You won’t have to study tables and descriptive texts anymore.

Other innovations: app, new software & exchange service
We will also be able to show new developments in the Digital Solutions area at Power2Drive. In April, a software update was released, including a feature that allows to automatically send monthly reports on all charging sessions as a PDF. This is particularly helpful for users of company vehicles who charge at home, as it makes it easier to charge electricity costs to the employer. Then, after the show, we’ll start beta testing our own wallbox app. It will be rolled out successively to all connectivity devices (c-series and x-series) after the initial beta phase. Later in the year, we will introduce our own online portal, which our customers can use to control and monitor their charging stations.

In addition, KEBA will introduce the so-called replacement service in the entire DACH region: If a wallbox does break down, our service partner will replace it with a charging station of equal or even higher quality within three working days. Instead of disassembly, repair, and another visit to the installation company, our customers only have to make a short exchange.

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