Juice Technology AG, producer of electric charging stations and software and the market leader in portable chargers for electric cars, has once again been awarded top scores from Germany’s independent product comparison and testing website Vergleich.org – this time for the JUICE CHARGER me. This fix-mounted wallbox unit is the new price-performance winner among 11-kW charger models.

Launched on the market just last year, the stationary JUICE CHARGER me wallbox is already the price-performance champion among 11-kW wall-mounted chargers. And the JUICE BOOSTER 2, having taken home the laurels in 2021 among all wallbox units tested by Vergleich.org, is now also the top-selling charging station among the 13 best 22-kW wallbox chargers.

A winner ensures care-free charging at home
A wallbox charger delivering a charging output of 11 kW is usually sufficient to recharge an electric vehicle overnight – besides the fact that over 90 percent of all electric cars on the market are also only designed for a maximum charge power of 11 kW. Consequentially, 11-kW charger models are approved for government subsidising like that offered by Germany’s KfW development bank, despite the fact that 22-kW charging stations are the standard variant. Juice developed the JUICE CHARGER me in two variants – for 11-kW and 22-kW charging – to provide a wallbox solution offering maximum versatility.

This wall-mounted charging station can be installed in no time at all, is energy-efficient, and one of the first wallbox chargers on the market to fulfil the new ISO 15118 standard requirements, enabling Plug-&-Charge features.

Focus on customers
The comparison tests conducted by Vergleich.org make plainly clear that equipment features as well as charging times and safety aspects are decisive to product rating. Yet, the ease of equipment handling is also important to customers – no matter whether the charging station is portable or stationary.

Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice Technology AG, emphasises the importance of consumer reviews: “The opinion of the impartial product comparison and testing portal Vergleich.org is especially important to us because it relies primarily on grading by consumers who use the devices on a daily basis.” Erni is delighted that the verdict from Vergleich.org has once again affirmed his company’s strategy: “What has put Juice in a class of its own right from the start is the basic principle that we always develop our devices from the user’s perspective. As is plain to see: high quality, user-friendly handling and a sound price-performance ratio are not mutually exclusive.”

An independent opinion
The online consumer magazine Vergleich.org compares reviews by prestigious testing sources with customer reviews from popular mail-order businesses. The assessments surveyed in this way are weighted, delivering a final compound evaluation that is then reviewed by the editing team. To ensure uniform quality standards, Vergleich.org has been certified to ISO 9001 quality management standards by the independent inspection agency TÜV Süd. All comparisons, test reports and advisory guides for essential products and services are independent and transparent. Vergleich.orgfocuses on the relative price-performance ratio: the price of a better-quality product may also be proportionally higher.

The essential benefits of the JUICE CHARGER me in a nutshell:

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