Quectel adds extensive antennas portfolio to IoT product range

Quectel Wireless Solutions, the leading global supplier of IoT modules, has unveiled its new range of antennas for IoT devices.

Featuring more than 250 antenna options for both embedded and external products, the Quectel antenna range is comprehensive, offering optimal solutions for all types of IoT device deployments.

Quectel is adding its market leading IoT module portfolio and expertise to its range of antennas so customers can take advantage of its huge engineering resources and buy antennas as well as modules. Integrating antennas with IoT modules into IoT devices, which are often space-constrained and affected by location in devices that limits signal propagation or shortens battery life, is a common challenge for IoT device makers. To streamline development and enable optimized integration of embedded antennas, Quectel has assembled a wide range of antennas and modules and offers support to design and integrate antennas into customers’ solutions and devices.

In addition to this simplification of the embedded antennas integration process, Quectel is also offering a wide range of external antennas. These have fewer integration challenges but can also be purchased alongside appropriate Quectel IoT modules, enabling streamlining of the supply chain and easier purchasing. Alternatively, customers can simply buy just the antennas on their own from the wide range available in Quectel’s new portfolio.

“I’m delighted to announce that Quectel has launched our new range of antennas, which provide the widest choice of IoT device antennas in the world,” said Colin Newman, Director of Antenna Business Development (Global), at Quectel Wireless Solutions.

“For many years, there has been a disconnect between antenna supply and the complexity of integrating antennas with IoT modules. Our leadership in the IoT modules market means we can add antennas to our modules and provide our customers with customized antenna and IoT module solutions that will simplify device development and engineering and accelerate device time to market.”

“Our experience and large engineering capability mean we are excellently positioned to support customers whether they want to buy antennas on their own or integrate antennas with IoT modules from our extensive portfolio,” added Newman. “We’re delighted to bring antennas into the Quectel product range and we are sure these new products will make it even easier for Quectel customers to build a smarter world.”

To learn more about Quectel’s antenna range, join our MasterClass webinar on 14th May. Register today: https://market.quectel.com/landing-page/na/master-classes/

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