IoTerop provides IOWA LwM2M Software for Thales Cinterion Cellular IoT Solutions

IoTerop, a global provider of Lightweight M2M solutions, is supplying its IOWA LwM2M device management solution to Thales for integration with a range of Cinterion® IoT products.

Cinterion Efficiency IoT Modules, Gateways and Modem Cards will leverage IOWA LwM2M device management services to reduce resources needed to bring secure, efficient, future-proof IoT solutions to market.

Building on a previous collaboration with Thales, IoTerop leveraged IOWA’s unique value proposition to enhance Thales’ LwM2M Cinterion IoT offerings. The IOWA integration is ideal to improve efficient remote device management for different industrial sectors including smart metering, street lighting, smart building, smart cities, and logistics, amongst others.

Joël Demarty, Technical Director IoT, Thales, said:
“Thales’ Cinterion LTE-M/NB-IoT Modules and Cinterion IoT Gateways providing reliable and secure cellular IoT capabilities for millions of global devices can now leverage IOWA LwM2M device management capabilities to improve efficiency and performance while supporting cellular evolution.”

“Take battery-powered smart metering solutions,” Demarty added.

“IOWA can help reduce cellular network traffic by up to 70%, boosting cost and power efficiency while improving return-on-investment by extending device lifespans. It’s a win-win solution for smart meter vendors, and network service providers.”

“Beyond connectivity, the IOWA solution provides rich application services delivering strategic value for Thales customers at every device lifecycle stage. IOWA’s compact memory footprint reduces memory requirements lessoning device acquisition costs. Standardized, easy-to-use services from device-to-cloud decrease development overhead. End-to-end security aligned around trusted best practices for firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA) ensure operational relevance while addressing increasingly stringent privacy and global cybersecurity regulatory issues. Simultaneously, zero-touch commissioning and device management services guarantee predictable deployment and field service costs,” said Hatem Oueslati, IoTerop CEO.

Adding, “What’s more, for the most demanding LPWAN solutions leveraging NB-IoT and other constrained networks, IOWA offers cutting-edge energy-efficient device management capabilities including support for LwM2M 1.1 and 1.2, Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD) and OSCORE application layer security.”

Certified by Ericsson, AT&T, and Verizon, semiconductor manufacturers and industry leaders, IOWA works with any LwM2M server, including IoTerop’s state-of-the-art ALASKA device management platform. Combining IOWA and ALASKA creates a complete IoT solution framework to unlock any IoT go-to-market strategy, from development and security to FOTA and invoicing.

Get IOWA: Ready to learn more about how IoTerop can help unlock your IoT strategy? Connect to IoTerop’s GitHub repository to begin evaluating IOWA or contact IoTerop to learn how IOWA can unlock your IoT strategy.

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