Apple was in such a rush to get iOS 15 out based on its self-imposed timeline that it tripped over its shoelaces and fell flat onto its face in front of millions of iPhone users.

The bugs were big and obvious.

From “Storage almost full” to unlocking with the Apple Watch when wearing a mask going bye-bye, weird camera juddering, and swipe to unlock being temperamental.

That was a lot of bugs for iPhone owners to get used to, especially those who’d dropped a lot of money on new hardware.

It took almost two weeks for Apple to release iOS 15.0.1, an update that consists of last-minute bug fixes and improvements.

But is it an improvement?

In a word, yes.

And taking that further, it’s what iOS 15 should have been.

iOS 15.0.1 fixes a lot of the big obvious bugs.

Gone is the “Storage almost full” message.

Apple Watch unlocking when wearing a mask now works.

The Camera app doesn’t do that crazy judder when switching between lenses.

The unlocking bug seems gone.

The operating system also feels a lot smoother and less glitchy.

It doesn’t feel like ProMotion is working properly yet, but now it doesn’t feel as jarring, so it’s better on the eyes.

As far as battery life and performance goes, these seem to be about the same as for iOS 15, but your mileage there may vary across different devices.

The first few weeks and months following a new iOS release is a busy time for Apple, and iOS 15 is no exception. iOS 15.1 is making its way through the beta stages, and we’re likely to see lots more releases between now and spring.

If you’ve been holding back on making the leap to iOS 15, then I’d say that iOS 15.0.1 is not a bad time to jump. There may be some surprises lurking waiting to be uncovered (early reports seem good, thought), but it’s a huge improvement on the initial release.

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