Intuit on Tuesday said it plans to open two new “talent hubs,” one in New York City and one in Los Angeles, to add more diversity to its engineering workforce. The plans are part of the company’s post-pandemic work strategy. 

The financial software company (which makes TurboTax, QuickBooks, Credit Karma and Mint) already has 10 offices in the US, including two in Southern California. It plans to recruit in new “talent hotspots” where there are “concentrated pools of existing and emerging diverse technical talent, including women and underrepresented minority engineers,” the company said in a blog post

New York and Los Angeles collectively open access to 27 percent of the underrepresented minority engineering talent in North America, Intuit said. 

Like many organizations, Intuit is currently evaluating how to organize its workforce in the post-pandemic world. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, 88 percent of its employees worked on site full time or most of the time.

Beginning in May, the company is planning a “soft open” of its sites. Offices will open at restricted capacity (40 percent or less), with employees returning on a voluntary basis. After that, Intuit plans to progress to a “partial open” with sites at greater than 40 percent capacity. Eventually, it plans to open sites back at full capacity with employees coming in two to three days a week. Employees won’t be required to return to the workplace before August. 

Beginning in August, Intuit plans to implement a “hybrid” model, where employees have to come in for “high-impact” in-person days or events.  

After surveying 9,800 of its global employees, Intuit learned that only 6 percent wanted to go back to working full-time on site.

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