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Phoenix Contact News

With Charx control modular, Phoenix Contact is introducing a brand new generation of e-mobility charging controllers to the market.

Intelligent networking for charging infrastructure

The open, Linux-based platform is the basis of an intelligent and sustainable charging infrastructure.

The modular architecture of the controllers allows the system to be scaled to suit almost any application, from a single home charging station to a networked charging park. Even later extensions can be added in this manner. The Plug and Play charging controllers provide comprehensive features and communication interfaces in a compact housing and can be configured intuitively via web-based management.

Sector coupling is becoming increasingly important for the future of e-mobility and for the transition to the All Electric Society based on CO2-neutral energy. Communication between providers, grids, buildings, charging points, and vehicles is the key factor for sustainable e-mobility based on renewable energy. This includes the integration of electric vehicles into the smart grid or smart home, efficient and user-friendly business processes, and device and patch management for charging park operators.

All these IoT applications and smart services require secure communication based on various protocols. With the new controller generation of Charx control modular and its open Linux platform, manufacturers and operators of charging infrastructure are equipped to meet these requirements.

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