Looking forward to getting all that macOS goodness on your Mac? If you’re running an Intel-powered Mac — you know, like most Mac users out there — then you’re going to miss out of some features.

That’s right. M1-powered Macs have been out for a little over six months, and already Apple is making some features exclusive to them.

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A look at Apple’s listing of features for macOS Monterey preview highlights which features will be M1-Mac only.

Examining the footnotes, the features listed as M1-only are:

  • FaceTime Portrait Mode
  • Live Text in Photos
  • Interactive globe in Maps
  • Detailed new city experience in Maps
  • Neural text-to-speech voice in more languages for Siri
  • On-device keyboard dictation

Want any of these features? You’ll need a new M1 Mac. 


So, even if you just bought a shiny new Intel Mac, here’s your warning from Apple that obsolescence is already on the horizon. 

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