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Our OPTOTRONIC FIT CS PC LED drivers are now also available in 7 and 14 watts.

Installed in no time at all, for perfectly dimmed LED ceiling light

Dimmable LED downlights are nowadays standard in numerous indoor lighting installations. They ensure glare-free lighting in hospitality businesses, as well as in shops, offices and hospitals – and thus create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. The OT FIT CS PC LED driver family from OSRAM is the perfect choice for controlling luminaires in environments like these and is compatible with the most common leading-edge and trailing-edge.

And thanks to the drivers’ compact design, installation is quick and easy, for example in recessed ceilings. Following the introduction of devices with 8, 18, 30 and 40 watts, we have now completed this innovative driver family by new, extra-slim OT FIT CS PC LED drivers in 7 W and 14 W: just 22.2 mm high and no more than 30 mm wide! Benefit from our full power spectrum for modern, energy-efficient lighting – no matter whether you want to perform a reinstallation or a retrofit.

Extra-slim and amazingly powerful: discover the new OT FIT 7/220 – 240/180 CS PC and OT FIT 14/220 – 240/350 CS PC LED drivers.

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